Will a breast lift decrease the size of my breasts?

Will a breast lift decrease the size of my breasts?

28th Feb 2014

Thousands of women undergo breast lift surgery every year to correct sagging or excess skin. The procedure is done mainly to correct the look of the skin and the shape of the breasts – not to do anything to the size. However, oftentimes the size of breasts changes because of the lift.

The way your body changes from a breast lift depends greatly on your current shape, and the shape of your skin. If you have a lot of excess sagging in the chest, chances are that there will need to be a lot of lifting and your size will decrease just from that. Sometimes you may have enough fat in your breasts so that they do stay close the same size though.

If however, you do not have a lot of excess skin and would just like your breasts lifted upward to combat the effects of gravity, then your size will probably not change at all. Again, this all depends on your body even without a lot of excess sagging; you could still end up with a smaller size.

Whatever the outcome may be, you could plan in advance to have implants inserted during your breast lift. You can opt to have a smaller size inserted to keep your previous cup size, or you could have your size increased.

If you’re not sure about what you would like, discuss it with your doctor. He will know whether your breast size will decrease or not, by measuring the excess skin and making an estimate based on his/her experience.

Having a breast augmentation during a lift is ideal or a number of reasons. First of all, if you are not satisfied with the size of your chest after the lift, you will save yourself from going for an extra procedure. You will also help to ensure that your breasts do not sag excessive fly again anytime soon by filling them out more. The implant whether silicone or saline, won’t be affected by weight loss or gain.

Having breast implants inserted during a breast lift not only saves you a surgery, it also benefits how your breasts will look in the future. Talk to your doctor about your options when planning your procedure.

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