Will breast implant provide me more cleavage

Will breast implant provide me more cleavage

06th May 2018

A woman’s breast is beautiful in different ways. Some find that larger and more rounded boobs are best while others settle for a more natural-looking one. There is also much talk about how beautiful a woman’s breasts are because of the cleavage it forms. This is the reason why many women who go for breast surgeries specifically ask their surgeons to give them more cleavage.

Having more cleavage is a vague statement because there are different ways to describe someone who has a lot of it. Similarly, surgeons can also do different things in order to provide you with more cleavage. Some people describe beautiful cleavage as having much upper fullness of the breast in order to create that sexy cleft between the breasts. Others say that having the breasts close to each other as possible produces the best-looking cleavage. It is also possible that more cleavage is achieved by a combination of the two descriptions given above.

Yes, it is possible to obtain more cleavage with your breast implant procedure, but you also have to clearly explain to your surgeon what more cleavage means to you. If possible, it would be best to bring pictures so the plastic surgeon can see and understand what your goals are. This helps them determine what kind of procedure to use in order to provide you with more cleavage.

Surgeons can choose the placement of the implants in order to produce a better looking cleavage. If the implants are at a higher position, the patient will have breasts that have fullness at the upper pole. This will produce a very sexy cleavage. It is also possible to place the implants closer to each other to improve the medial cleavage. Although it should be noted that when the implants are quite big and positioned near each other, there is a great risk for the patient to develop a uniboob. This is the condition wherein the cleavage disappears, and the two breasts look like one. Surgeons who are inexperienced are more likely to make this mistake which is why patients are advised to only work with reliable, experienced and certified surgeons to augment their breasts.

Another way to get more cleavage through breast augmentation surgery is to choose the right size and dimensions of the implant used. Usually, the larger the implants, the more cleavage you can expect to have. However, other women don’t want overly large breasts but still want cleavage. This can be done by properly selecting the profile of the breast implants that would be used for the procedure.

In order to achieve more cleavage, it is important to properly select the surgeon who will work on your breasts. Their skills and experience can help customize the procedure to make sure you get the cleavage that you like. With the different implants available today, having bigger and better-looking breasts with a flattering cleavage is possible. You just need to find the right surgeon to perform the cosmetic surgery.


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