Will breasts get big again after breast reduction surgery?

Will breasts get big again after breast reduction surgery?

20th Feb 2019

The causes of breast hypertrophy are varied. Often, it is a hormonal imbalance that occurs during puberty or even during pregnancy. Other times it can be genetic inheritance. Whatever the causes might be, the fact is that having overly large breasts can trigger significant emotional and physical discomfort for the patient. This is the reason why breast reduction surgery is nowadays frequently performed. The procedure is requested by women with breasts that are too large compared to the rest of their anatomy and who are suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain due to the excessive size of the breasts. Skin conditions often develop on the inframammary fold for patients with large breasts, and these conditions are difficult to treat because of the lack of airflow in the area.

It is during the pre-operative consultation with the plastic surgeon that you will find out the details of the surgical plan, if you are a good candidate for the procedure, and what to expect in terms of the aesthetic results that can be achieved. At the pre-operative consultation, you will also have a chance to discuss your concerns with the plastic surgeon. When meeting the plastic surgeon for the first time, many patients ask whether the breasts will ever get big again after the procedure.

Technically speaking, the breasts can’t get as big as they were before breast reduction surgery because the plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin, fat and glandular tissue. This means that a part of the mammary gland is permanently removed and can’t grow back. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your breasts won’t suffer any other volume fluctuations throughout your lifetime.

Before anything else, we should mention that the results of the procedure are quite stable in time if the breast reduction is performed after the complete development of the mammary gland and if the patient won’t get pregnant after the procedure. If the mammary gland is not fully developed at the time the procedure was done, chances are it will continue its growth after the surgery. This doesn’t mean that your breasts will get just as big as they were before the breast reduction, but they will probably have a small increase in size post-op. Also, an ulterior pregnancy can alter the size, shape, and consistency of the breasts due to the hormonal fluctuations that can occur during this time. This can happen to women who had breast surgery or didn’t have it. In other words, the breasts might get bigger after pregnancy as well.

Another factor that can cause an increase in the volume of the breasts is weight gain. In this case, the increase in volume won’t be triggered by the growth of the mammary gland, but the excess of fat tissue. To sustain the results of breast reduction surgery for longer, follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon.

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