Will butt implants be visible on a thin body frame?

Will butt implants be visible on a thin body frame?

21st Jan 2019

Will Butt Implants Be Visible On a Thin Body Frame?


Plastic surgery offers different surgical plans to enhance the appearance of the body. When it comes to augmenting the rear end of the patient, fat transfer and implants are considered. However, not all patients are eligible for both procedures. Like any other kind of surgery, the right medical indication can only be provided by a board-certified plastic surgeon and after a thorough medical examination and discussion with the patient.

When it comes to the results that can be achieved after a butt augmentation, many patients insist on the necessity for the results to look as natural as possible, and this is a natural goal of any plastic surgery. However, when it comes to augmentations with implants, things can become trickier. Many patients come to the pre-operative consultation for butt implants and ask if the implants will be visible on their thin body frame. But this is not a question that can be answered with a default reply.

The reality is that the visibility of the implants after butt augmentation can be caused by many factors. There should be an insufficiency in butt tissue and using overly large implants. If the right type of implants is chosen, they shouldn’t be visible, not even on a thin body frame. But if the patient insists on using butt implants that are too large for her anatomy or compared to the existing butt tissue, chances are the implants will be visible through the skin, and the result won’t be as natural as for other patients undergoing the same procedure.

When considering plastic surgery to enhance a feature of the body, especially a part so delicate and representative for the anatomy of the patient such as the buttocks, it is crucial to find a plastic surgeon who can provide good advice that comes from extensive experience. An augmentation with butt implants is not a complicated procedure. The surgeon will perform incisions on the buttocks, usually in the intragluteal fold, create a pocket inside or under the gluteal muscles, insert the implants in the pockets created, and suture the surgical wounds. However, more than the surgical skills in performing the procedure, it is important to get good advice in choosing the right type of implants that will deliver you with the results you expect.

Patients who have a thin body frame usually don’t have enough adipose tissue in other areas of the body to qualify for a fat transfer that is often performed with butt implants to get better coverage for the implants. This means that the only method to make the implants less visible and to achieve natural-looking results is to get a size and shape of implant that is perfectly suitable for your body type.


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