Will buttock augmentation make me look like my favorite celebrity?

Will buttock augmentation make me look like my favorite celebrity?

27th Feb 2018

There is no question that the big booty trend is now being promoted by celebrities such as the Kardashian sisters, J. Lo, and Nicki Minaj, to name just a few. And seeing these celebrities all the time in mass media with their appealing buttocks can trigger the desire to have the same buttocks in many women. Plastic surgeons from all over the world must have had at least one patient wanting to undergo butt augmentation to look exactly like Kim Kardashian. “Will buttock augmentation make me look like my favorite celebrity?” is a question we hear often, and the answer should be the same for all patients and whatever the situation might be. This answer is, “No.”

An important contraindication for any type of plastic surgery is the patient not having reasonable expectations from the procedure, and wanting to look like your favorite celebrity is one of these unreasonable expectations.

It is natural for women to want bigger, rounder, more alluring buttocks, and plastic surgery can certainly help achieve this dream with the help of different methods such as fat transfer or implants. However, it is also important to understand that the goal of plastic surgery is to improve and enhance the existing features of the patient, not to change the physical appearance of the patient and turn him or her into someone else entirely. This is not possible and should not be desired by the patient as the consequences might be disastrous.

When it comes to physical appearance, there is more that counts than how a certain body part looks. For example, if you want the booty of Kim Kardashian and you think that big implants will do the trick for you, you might be wrong here. What you should consider is that her buttocks look appealing because of her small waist and large hips. Her body has curves where they look good, making the buttocks become the main focus. To get a similar result with what can be seen in the Kardashians, chances are you might also need liposuction of the midline and fat transfer to the hips.

Another aspect to be considered is the initial anatomy of the patient. If you naturally have no excess adipose tissue and quite an androgynous figure with little or no curves, it will be very difficult for any plastic surgeon to give you the buttocks of J. Lo. When it comes to buttock augmentation surgery, the plastic surgeon works with the existing body frame of the patient. He can’t completely alter the structures of the butt to make them resemble your favorite celebrity’s.

Butt augmentation won’t make you look like your favorite celebrity, but it can certainly help you get a better-looking behind and improve your overall body appearance.

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