Will I experience pain after liposuction

Will I experience pain after liposuction

23rd Oct 2018

Liposuction is a very popular plastic surgery procedure all around the world. Each year, tens of thousands of patients undergo the procedure in the US alone. It is a very effective body contouring intervention that removes the stubborn deposits of fat from different areas of the body. After the surgery, the body becomes toned, aesthetically appealing, and shapely.

Patients often ask whether they will experience pain during the liposuction’s recovery period. Well, pain is generally minimal and occurs in a few cases; however, the extent of pain you may experience depends on a number of factors. One of the reasons why liposuction has become so popular over the years is the minimal degree of discomfort after the surgery.

Recovery after liposuction was once considered a period of major discomfort and pain. Fortunately, gone are those days thanks to the arrival of the tumescent liposuction. The surgery starts with the introduction of the tumescent solution into the target area in the body. In the second step, a tiny incision is placed in the area and the liposuction cannula is inserted through the incision. The use of the tumescent solution is what makes the procedure relatively straightforward, decreasing the post surgery swelling and bruising. This makes the recovery period painless.

However, you may experience mild to moderate levels of pain during the first 24-48 hours following the procedure. Also, the intensity of pain you may experience depends on your pain tolerance level. If you have a high pain tolerance, you may not experience pain at all. However, people with lower pain tolerance may experience some. No matter how much the pain is, it can generally be contained by using pain medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon. Make sure to take them on time and according to the instructions of your doctor.

Whether you will feel pain and how much you may experience after liposuction also depends on the areas treated. For example, if your legs have been treated, the discomfort may be relatively greater after the procedure. Liposuction of the abdomen does not generally create pain during the recovery period. On the other hand, when the back and flanks are treated, you may experience some degree of intermittent pain.

In majority cases, the patients experience more tenderness than severe pain. You can decrease your tendency of experiencing soreness and pain after liposuction by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the surgery. Also, make sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions during the recovery period.

For example, your surgeon may advise you to avoid sleeping and resting on the area treated by liposuction for at least one week. This is very important not only in warding off any pain and discomfort but also in achieving the desired results. You will be able to resume work within the first ten days after the surgery. Should you experience intense pain or prolonged discomfort after the procedure, you must contact your plastic surgeon.

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