Will i be required to wear compression garments after a butt lift?

Will i be required to wear compression garments after a butt lift?

06th Mar 2018

The buttock lift procedure can be the suitable treatment plan to treat saggy buttocks. The procedure often delivers impressive results when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon who is also board-certified.

Before undergoing the procedure, patients find out the details of the operative plan and the outline of the recovery period during the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon. Among the firmest recommendations after the procedure are not to sit on the buttocks for three weeks and to wear the compression garments for at least a month. Some patients might wonder if they will be required to wear compression garments after their butt lift and if this is mandatory.

Generally speaking, compression garments are recommended after many plastic surgery procedures, and the butt lift is no different. Compression garments offer support for the tissue during recovery, help reduce the swelling that normally occurs post-op, and can also improve the aesthetic results.

Compression garments are an important recommendation after butt lift surgery. The compression will help reduce the edema, and the tissues operated are furthermore modeled and reshaped while wearing the garments. An experienced plastic surgeon will tell you that there is a visible difference in results between a patient who has worn compression garments and a patient who didn’t wear them for the recommended period of time.

Compressive garments should be worn nonstop for at least three weeks after the butt lift. The patient is advised to take them off only while showering and to change into a new pair afterwards. Moreover, it is important that the compression garments are worn around the clock during the initial recovery period to help reduce post-op edema. After this time, the plastic surgeon will decide whether you should keep on wearing them 24 hours a day or you can start wearing them only during the day.

Wearing compression garments after the butt lift is essential not only to get better aesthetic results but also to reduce the recovery period. Make sure to get the compression garments in your size. Discuss this issue with the plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure and ask his recommendation for types of compression garments and sizes. The compression garments should be made out of materials that offer good compression while still allowing the skin to breathe. Otherwise, skin burns or other unwanted dermatological conditions that could be avoided can occur if a poor quality compression garment was chosen.

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