Will i feel the buttock implants when sitting down?

Will i feel the buttock implants when sitting down?

16th Oct 2018

Most women desire to have a beautiful body and round or large bottoms are usually part of the deal. As butt implants gain more popularity each year, scientists in the field are always trying to create adequate solutions to different questions that involve side effects. Even if butt augmentation has a low risk of creating health issues, some other concerns are raised when dealing with this type of surgery that involves discomfort in movements. As we know, butt augmentation usually requires silicone gel implants that need to be inserted into your body. With this solution, when we speak about butt augmentation, the most common question is “Will my implants create discomfort while sitting?”

During your first weeks after the procedure, you will definitely feel a slight discomfort around the area where the implants were placed, but it is perfectly normal as implants are usually placed underneath the top layer of the muscles. It is highly recommended to take one or two weeks off from work, especially if your work requires sitting down most of the time. At the same time, you need to avoid as much as possible to sit on a chair and avoid putting any kind of pressure on the implants. In this period your tissue around the implant is healing and is trying to create some kind of pocket for sustaining the silicone gel bag. After this period you will still feel the implants as your body is not used to them, and until you are getting used to having them around it will take a while. The sensation will disappear in time. You need to understand that your brain is intercepting this discomfort and at some point, there will be no more weird sensation around the implants when you are sitting, but you just to have a bit more patience as the sensation usually fades away from your attention. Most of the time you will have this feeling in the upper part of your buttocks as all the pressure will focus in that area when sitting. After few months you will definitely forget that you have them.

Your surgeon will find the best way for you feel as natural as possible after your butt augmentation. The size of the implant needs to be carefully chosen. Having bigger implants will, of course, create more discomfort, so try not to force your buttocks when choosing the size. Try to give yourself as much time as you can for the recovery process and listen to any medical recommendation that you get. If you feel pain around the area let your doctor know, in order for him to give you the best solution for you to recover faster and with peace of mind. All these small side effects are perfectly normal, and in most of the cases, it is not something to worry about. If some of the repercussions will make you feel unsure, or if you have second thoughts, try to be informed about every aspect before choosing any type of cosmetic surgery.

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