Will my breast implants rupture if my partner squeezes my breasts?

Will my breast implants rupture if my partner squeezes my breasts?

17th Sep 2021

When it comes to breast augmentation with implants, the procedure has been performed for more than half a century now. This means that there are so many myths and legends about the procedure that have been discussed for so long, it can be difficult for people to know what the reality is anymore. 

There are many things that have changed over the years in terms of breast implant surgery. The most important thing that has changed and evolved a great deal is the implants themselves. Nowadays we are using gummy bear implants more and more, which is actually the fifth generation of implants. With each generation, the manufacturers try to improve and eliminate some of the complications and risks associated with the implants in use before. 

Another thing that has changed and improved over many decades is the actual operating technique. Now we are placing the implants in pockets either behind the pectoral muscle or the mammary gland. However, lately there is another placement of the implant that is gaining more popularity. It is called the dual plane, and it entails placing the implant half behind the mammary gland and half being the pectoral muscle. This leads to a better coverage of the implant and also a more natural-looking result. 

Now, let’s discuss a question we often hear during the pre-operative consultation for breast augmentation surgery: will my breast implants rupture if my partner squeezes my breasts? This question is on the edge, in between reality and myth. Let’s see why.

First, it is true that breast implants can rupture and leak, and this is the reason why it is important when getting a mammography to tell the technician that you have implants to adapt the method used to perform the test. When extreme pressure is applied to the implants, ruptures can occur. However, the type of pressure that occurs during a mammogram is by no means comparable to your partner squeezing your breasts during sexual intercourse. Moreover, keep in mind that the placement of the implant is very important as well. When the implant is behind the pectoral muscle, ruptures caused by trauma are highly unlikely, if not altogether impossible. The pain would be extreme if the implants rupture as a result of your partner squeezing your breasts. 

The gummy bear implants that we use nowadays are similar to the gummy bears that we eat, hence the name. This means that the danger of rupture is minor, and even if it occurs, the silicone gel will remain inside the capsule and not spill inside the breasts.

To give a definite answer to this question, breast implants won’t rupture if your partner squeezes your breasts, whatever implants you have. However, make sure to avoid severe trauma to the breasts and let the technician know about your implants before getting a mammogram.  

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