Will my breasts stop sagging if i get big silicone implants?

Will my breasts stop sagging if i get big silicone implants?

11th Dec 2018

The breasts are one significant part of a woman’s anatomy, and this is the reason why a vast majority of women invest a lot of time and effort into improving the appearance of their breasts. Some will invest in an impressive and expensive push-up bra, others in expensive cosmetic products to use on the cleavage area, while others will resort to plastic surgery to get the breasts of their dreams.

The breast augmentation procedure with silicone implants is probably the most requested cosmetic surgery performed in the United States. And it makes sense as the procedure allows increasing the breast size with one, two and even three bra cup sizes in a matter of hours. In other words, you can go to the medical facility wearing your A cup bra and leave the medical facility with C or D cup breasts.

Sagginess of the breasts is another cause of breast imperfection that leads women to look for help from plastic surgery. A common question we get from patients is if the breasts will stop sagging if they get silicone implants that are big enough.

Breast implants and breast augmentation surgical methods

Using breast implants is the ideal solution for women who want more volume for their breasts. The intervention is often performed under general anesthesia so the patient will be comfortable at all times and feel no pain or discomfort during the operation. The risks associated with the breast augmentation procedure are minor and only a small number of patients experience complications after undergoing the intervention.

The procedure is recommended for women who have suffered a modification of the contour and the size of the breasts after pregnancy or an aggressive weight loss program, women with small breasts, and even women with asymmetric breasts.

Because there are no two patients alike, the breast implants recommended will be different for each patient. This means that if your friend got the breasts of her dreams by using 400 cc silicone, round implants with a smooth surface, the same type of implants would not necessarily give you the same desired results. The decision to choose one type of breast implant over the other is made at the recommendation of the plastic surgeon and after a thorough medical examination of the patient. The initial amount of mammary gland and fat tissue is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the implants. Moreover, different patients can have different notions of what is a natural and satisfactory result after the procedure. At the same time, for a petite woman who is also thin, a 400 cc implant can determine a considerable increase in size and the patient might end up with overly large breasts. The same size of implants used on a fleshier patient might cause just a minor or moderate increase in the size of the breasts.

Breast implants are different in terms of size, shape, the texture of the surface and projection, as well as the filling of the implant’s capsule. The only person that can help you make a decision about the right type of implant for you is your plastic surgeon.

When performing breast augmentation, the plastic surgeon can choose between several surgical methods. The implants can be inserted through three approaches: periareolar, inframammary and transaxillary. The location of the implant can be under the mammary gland, under the pectoral muscle, or in an in-between position called the dual plane.

Sagginess of the breasts

There are cases in which the patient who desires to get an augmentation is experiencing other imperfections aside from breasts that are too small. Among the most common breast conditions is ptosis, also known as sagginess. Sagginess of the breasts can be caused by multiple factors, such as multiple pregnancies, weight fluctuations, and the natural aging process.

Sagginess can affect all types of breasts, small or big. Many women who have breast ptosis would like to get an augmentation and correct the sagginess at the same time and believe that for this to be possible they should get a bigger implant.

Many patients ask how big the implant should be to correct the sagginess, but this is the wrong question to ask. The more severe the ptosis, the less it is possible to correct it without removing skin in a breast lift procedure. In other words, we can correct ptosis with implants, but only if the sagginess is minor. If the breasts are drooping considerably, it is only with the help of a breast lift that they can be elevated on the chest wall again.

Nowadays more and more women choose to undergo breast augmentation because the results of the intervention are long-term and even permanent. However, when considering breast sagginess, it is important to keep in mind that the ptosis might occur even if a procedure on the breasts has been performed.

Moreover, you should also know that getting implants that are too big for your body size can accelerate the occurrence of ptosis. This means you might experience sagginess of the breasts sooner than if you would have chosen smaller implants.


Will the breasts stop sagging with big silicone implants? In a vast majority of cases, the answer to this question is no. The bigger the implants, the more accentuated the sagginess will be. At the same time, overly large breasts are prone to start sagging sooner than smaller breasts. There are different causes of breast sagginess, including genetic predisposition.

The good news is that nowadays you can undergo plastic surgery to improve the aspect of your breasts. The sagginess can be corrected with the help of a breast lift, and if the patient also desires an increase in volume, a breast lift can be performed with silicone implants.

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