Will my butt feel numb after buttock augmentation?

Will my butt feel numb after buttock augmentation?

07th Jan 2019

Buttock augmentation surgery is an effective and popular plastic surgery procedure to increase the size of the butt and make them shapelier. The procedure involves the use of artificial objects called gluteal implants or the patient’s own body fat to deliver the desired aesthetic improvements.

It is important for people considering buttock augmentation to do their research and gather as much information as possible about the surgery and life after the surgery. One of the common questions I get to hear from many patients is, “will my buttocks become numb after the procedure?” In this article, we will answer this question.

Numbness in the butt after butt augmentation

If you are considering fat transfer, you do not have to worry about numbness in the butt after surgery. The fat transfer procedure, more popularly known as Brazilian butt lift, does not involve the making of considerable incisions on the buttocks. Instead, the fat is removed from different areas of the body through liposuction and then grafted into the butt with a special needle. This does not cause numbness in the buttocks.

On the other hand, if you are considering butt implant surgery, there is a risk your butt may become numb after the procedure. Butt implant surgery involves placing incisions on the buttocks. During the surgery, the surgeon will cut the skin and insert the implants inside the butt. Moreover, the procedure involves placing the implants under, within, or above the gluteal muscle.

While placing the incisions, there is a risk the nerves may get injured or damaged. As a result of the tampering with the nerves, the patient may experience numbness in the buttocks afterwards. This change in sensation can be temporary or permanent. Whether the condition is temporary or permanent depends on how severely the nerve is injured or damaged.

In most cases, the numbness in the butt is temporary. Your body’s natural healing process will work to heal the nerves, which will lead to a gradual restoration of your natural butt sensation. However, if the injury to the nerves are severe and not restorable, the numbness in the butt will be permanent.

It has been found that numbness in the butt is also caused due to the implants pressing against the butt muscle. This type of numbness is normal and temporary. As the implants settle and your butt muscle accommodates the implants, you will regain your natural skin sensation. This will take a few days or weeks to happen.

The post-operative swelling can also make the butt numb. The swelling is a common and normal reaction of the body against surgical trauma; however, it can affect the nerves, which will lead to numb buttocks. This type of numbness will gradually disappear as the post-operative swelling subsides over the next few weeks.

There is no doubt that numbness in the butt can feel extremely uncomfortable. Basically, the numbness is an indication by your body to let you know that something wrong has resulted from the surgery and your body is working to fix the complication.

If the numbness in your butt continues for more than a week, you may discuss it with your plastic surgeon. In some cases, the condition can be fixed by using methods like lymphatic massage and special lotions or creams. Lymphatic massage is particularly effective in expediting the healing process and restoring your natural skin sensation. However, you should use this method only if your plastic surgeon recommends it and after the incisions have healed.

Wearing compression garments can also contain the feeling of numbness in the butt. After the surgery, the plastic surgeon will advise you to wear compression garments, which are specially designed to contain the post-operative swelling, discomforts like numbness, and increase blood flow to the incisions. Be sure to wear the compression garments for the recommended time period, which is a few weeks or months in many cases.

The temporarily numbness after buttock augmentation can be treated with certain medications as well. Your plastic surgeon may recommend vitamin supplements or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications to cope with the discomfort and restore your natural skin sensation. In some cases, cold compressions also help restore your natural butt sensation.

While you will be advised to take rest and spend most of your time in bed during the recovery period, taking short and slow walks after every few hours is encouraged because the movements increase blood flow to the incisions, which in turn decrease the numbness and other skin sensation changes.

The best and most effective way to decrease the risk of numb buttocks after buttock augmentation is by choosing a board-certified and highly experienced plastic surgeon to perform the operation. Most risks, including numbness, result from surgical errors and carelessness.

Unfortunately in the US, any licensed doctor is legally allowed to perform plastic surgery. As a result, many general physicians have started posing as plastic surgeons. They are not specially trained in plastic surgery, which means you will be at greater risk if they perform any procedure on you.

On the other hand, a board-certified plastic surgeon is one who has undergone extensive training in general as well as plastic surgery. They are highly experienced and undergo continuing education in plastic surgery. Be sure always to do your research when selecting your plastic surgeon.


One of the side effects of buttock augmentation is a feeling of numbness in the butt. This side effect is more common when inexperienced plastic surgeons perform the surgery. The butt becomes numb as a result of injury to the nerves, post-operative swelling, or friction of the implants against the gluteal muscle. The condition is temporary in most cases; however, it can be permanent if the nerves have been severely damaged.

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