Will my butt hurt after getting implants?

Will my butt hurt after getting implants?

22nd Sep 2021

If you want a bigger butt in a matter of a few hours, the optimal solution for you might be butt implant surgery. The procedure has been performed for quite some years now, and it has become one of the top ten most performed plastic surgery procedures in the country. This says a lot about people’s interest to undergo procedures to enhance their buttocks. However, the procedure is not a simple one and is also associated with risks and complications, along with natural side effects that can occur during the recovery period.

The procedure can be performed in less than two hours and the hospitalization period can be of a similar duration. After being discharged from the medical facility, the patient will return home for the recovery period. 

The recovery period after butt implant surgery usually takes two to three weeks. During this time, most patients will be able to resume their daily activities as well as work responsibilities. 

When asking the details of butt implant surgery during the pre-operative consultation, many patients want to know whether their butt will hurt after getting implants. This question has multiple aspects that should be addressed. First, we need to discuss the short-term effects after the surgery and then what happens in the long run. To make things very simple, prolonged and constant pain in the butt or the legs months or years after undergoing butt implant surgery is not normal, and you should go see the plastic surgeon to determine the cause. Usually, pain in the butt long after the procedure is a sign of a complication and medical attention is mandatory.

However, in the short term, pain is something to be expected after getting butt implants. The procedure is a complex one and associated with side effects that accompany any other type of surgery. The pain can be slightly more intense than in the case of a butt lift or a fat transfer as the tissues that are injured during surgery are the muscles of the buttocks. Butt implant surgery entails incisions in the intragluteal fold that will be used to make pockets inside or under the muscles of the buttocks to accommodate the implants. Gluteal muscles can take longer to heal compared to the fat tissue or skin tissue of the buttocks. Also, considering the fact that they are involved in most of the movements of the lower part of the body, the butt can be painful during the recovery period.

It is important to mention that the pain after getting butt implants is usually easily manageable with the help of pain medication that will be prescribed by the plastic surgeon. If you are dealing with acute pain and high fever, check with the doctor as these might be signs of infection.  

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