Will my butt implants explode if I fall?

Will my butt implants explode if I fall?

20th Sep 2021

If this were to happen, butt augmentation surgery would probably be a procedure with a very high risk. But the reality is that butt implants don’t explode, whatever trauma might occur to them.

This is when you might ask how it is possible for so many botched results to occur after butt augmentation if the implants are indeed safe. Just a quick search on Google for botched butt augmentation results and you will see things that can leave you with permanent emotional trauma. Buttocks with holes, buttocks that look like they swallowed a Frisbee, stitches like they were sewn by a surgeon from hell… such images will be difficult (if not impossible) to erase from your memory. 

There is no doubt about the fact that butt augmentation can deliver incredibly bad results, especially when performed by untalented and inexperienced plastic surgeons and on patients who don’t follow the pre- and post-operative instructions. But when the procedure is performed by a talented and experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon chances are the patient will get good and satisfactory results and avoid most complications. 

Butt implants are medical devices deemed safe by the FDA. In the United States, the use of implants is under strict regulation, so you will not see a board-certified plastic surgeon using bad quality breast implants for butt augmentation. However, this is possible, and we have seen many cases of this happening in other countries around the world where people travel to with the hope of getting a significant improvement in their looks for a minimal cost. 

There are patients who travel to Mexico or Thailand and come back with breast implants inserted into their buttocks. Some even had two breast implants in each buttock. Some of these patients are confronted with complications even before leaving the country where they had the procedure, while others notice changes in the shape and consistency of the buttocks only after months or years. When you don’t know for sure what was inserted into your buttocks, surprises can occur at any time, and there is plenty of proof of this online.

However, when butt augmentation is performed in the United States by a board-certified plastic surgeon, these risks are eliminated. The surgeon will use good quality butt implants that are made to last a lifetime, and they are not subject to ruptures or leaking. Butt implants are different from breast implants, and they resemble more like a chunk of silicone gel. This means that there is absolutely no way for the implants to explode if you fall on your buttocks. You might feel pain, but this is something that happens with or without implants, so make sure to avoid falling on the butt if possible!

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