Will my butt implants jiggle?

Will my butt implants jiggle?

23rd Oct 2018

Also known as buttock augmentation, butt implants are often used in cosmetic surgeries in order to reshape your buttocks or to enhance their volume. An unpleasant butt shape can be caused in most of the cases by sudden loss of weight or due to congenital defects. Every patient, however, will ask themselves if after this type of procedure buttocks will still look and act like natural buttocks. In this industry, scientists are always trying to create more ways regarding this procedure in order for the final result to get the most natural response possible. The most often question that arises before choosing a buttocks augmentation is “Will my implants jiggle?”

Answering this question is actually more difficult than you think. It normally depends on different aspects, and it is hard for everyone to offer an objective reply. During this procedure, your doctor will insert a gluteal implant, also known as buttock prosthesis inside your buttock performing a small incision. From here our answer can be divided according to post-op recovery, procedure or body construction.

● Fat volume

With less fat volume around your implants your buttocks will not normally jiggle and even with implants is less likely for this to happen. You need to understand that butt implants are usually not so soft and as long as your fat volume is not that big, implants will be very stable.

● Size of implants

Try to find doctors with plenty of experience in the field. In most cases, a good doctor will know what size to choose for your buttocks implants in order for them to look natural and to create stability

● How your body adapts

Your implants will be surrounded by muscles and fat tissue. During the first weeks, your tissue around your implants will be firm. In time your body will adapt to new changes and the tissue around the implants will become a bit softer in the buttocks area. It is normal for your implants to either jiggle or not depending on how your body adapts to them. Here as well an experienced doctor will play an important role.

● Gaining weight

If you will start to gain weight in the future, there is more likely for your implants to jiggle. It is normal as your skin elasticity will not be the same when gaining weight. That is why it is vital for you to keep a balanced diet and use exercises more often.

Our question cannot provide a universal answer, as buttocks implants will create different results from this point of view for each individual. Factors like the size of the implants, experience of each doctor, placement or any changes in body shape can create different results. In general, this type of procedure is safe, and we can fairly assume that in most of the cases, implants will not create any discomfort or jiggles in the future but after the surgery is up to you as well. Even if your doctor will provide a great service, with you ignoring the recovery process and the way you deal with your body after, can bring some undesired results.

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