Will my butt look natural with implants?

Will my butt look natural with implants?

02nd Mar 2018

More and more people nowadays resort to plastic surgery to enhance or increase the size of their buttocks or breasts. Most of these patients want to know how natural the results achieved will be as this is an important factor when deciding to undergo the procedure.

The results to be expected after buttock implant surgery will be discussed during the pre-operative meeting for the procedure. It is during this consultation that the plastic surgeon will perform a medical examination of the tissues of the buttocks and your overall anatomy and tell you what you can expect in terms of the results.

After evaluating your anatomy, the plastic surgeon will recommend a size and shape for the implants. In many cases, the surgeon will actually give you a minimum and maximum volume for you to choose from depending on your particular goals and what you want to achieve. When you are having the consultation with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and you choose the implants according to his advice, chances are your buttocks will look natural after the procedure. However, if you want to get implants that are too big for your anatomy and your tissues are not enough to cover the implants, the results might be not satisfactory because the implants might be seen or felt through the tissues of the buttocks.

In some cases, the plastic surgeon might even recommend combining the implants with fat grafting to achieve a more natural result. It is important to understand that the results to be expected after butt implant surgery are directly dependent on the current appearance and structure of the buttocks. If you have little or no fat tissue on the buttocks and the muscles are not very developed, chances are the surgeon might recommend a size smaller than you wanted. The recommendation is made to help you avoid complications and get results as natural as possible.

As a general rule, achieving satisfactory results by industry standards means achieving natural-looking results. To be happy with the results and avoid experiencing unwanted complications, make sure to choose a plastic surgeon who plays out this procedure routinely and ask to see before and after pictures of patients he operated on before. Look for patients with similar body characteristics as yours to be able to form an idea about how your buttocks might look like after the procedure.

The natural appearance of the buttocks after implant surgery is essential for the success of the procedure. In a vast majority of cases, achieving natural results is dependent on choosing a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon and following his advice when it comes to implant volume and placement.

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