Will the breast reduction improve my body posture?

Will the breast reduction improve my body posture?

09th Feb 2017

Due to the medical complications associated with overly large breasts, women may undergo plastic surgery to adjust the volume of their breasts.

The breast reduction procedure may be seen by many people as just another cosmetic surgery, but in reality, the breast reduction can be an extremely practical procedure. Most women normally consult a surgeon when the extra weight in their breasts cause back pain.

Overly large breasts and Body Posture

Large breasts are not always a blessing. Although the breast augmentation procedure is in high demand, women with overdeveloped breasts struggle to live a normal life and overcome the downsides of overly large breasts.

The breast reduction procedure can be considered a restorative, rather than cosmetic, procedure. There is a preconceived notion that breast reduction can cause cancer and that it is too expensive.

Overdeveloped breasts can cause severe back pain, as well as dermatological lesions. The difference between the breast lift surgery and the breast reduction is that the breast reduction procedure may improve the patient’s body posture after the surgery.

During the breast reduction surgery, the plastic surgeon will remove, not only the excess skin and fat tissue, but also a part of the mammary gland.

The breast reduction procedure is not particularly complicated, but it will result in permanent scarring. It shouldn’t be painful for the patient. The patient is usually required to spend only a few hours in the medical facility before being discharged to go home and gradually resume her daily activities.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of women with overly large breasts actually seek help for their condition. Society values large breasts – women with naturally large breasts are considered lucky. Some patients undergo a breast reduction only after decades of back pain and other inconveniences caused by the large breasts. Their fear of another person’s opinion was so great that they postponed surgery and endured the pain.

The Need for Breast Reduction Surgery

The most noticeable feature of a woman are her breasts. Many women undergo plastic surgery in order to enhance any lacking parts of their body, while others do it because it is necessary.

In most cases, patients requesting breast reduction surgery truly require the procedure. However, the majority have staved off the procedure for so long that they already suffer from complications – like bad posture – by the time they seek surgical intervention.

It is a well-known fact that most men prefer women with large bosoms, which is why some women become preoccupied with the shape and the volume of the breasts. They believe that they will feel more comfortable in their own skin if they were to undergo the procedure.

As with smaller breasts, overdeveloped breasts can have negative effects on the emotional state of a woman, creating complexes and frustrations, especially because this condition cannot be corrected through physical exercise or proper dieting.

Plastic surgery offers the only viable treatment for reducing the size of the breasts through the reduction mammoplasty. The breast reduction will utilize general anesthetic, and it can relieve any lingering back and neck pain, as well as respiratory issues, through the reduction in size.

Furthermore, the breast reduction procedure can be associated with a liposuction to enhance the results and reshape the midline of the patient, creating a more feminine and appealing body shape.

The Recovery after the Breast Reduction

After the reduction mammoplasty, the patient is required to wear a compressive bra for at least one month to allow the tissues to adapt to the new shape of the breasts, as well as provide support for the new breasts. Daily activities may be resumed gradually, and it can begin a few days after the patient has been discharged.

When asked about post-op pain and discomfort, most patients state that any pain was not noticeable when compared with the relief afforded by the smaller size.

Your plastic surgeon will recommend undergoing the procedure when you do not have any plans of birthing any more children.


There are numerous health benefits associated with the breast reduction procedure, but chief among them is the improved body posture. Many women tend to have a deficient body posture due to the overdeveloped breasts. In time, some women may even develop a “hunchback” because of the pressure and weight on the spine.

The breast reduction procedure is the only method for reducing the size of one’s breasts. There are no exercises or diets that will help you get rid of the excess of skin, fat and mammary gland tissue.

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