Will the breasts become large again after breast reduction?

Will the breasts become large again after breast reduction?

14th Mar 2018

Having overly large breasts is a blessing in disguise. While large, beautiful breasts are indeed considered a symbol of femininity, all women confronted with overly large breasts can testify that it is not easy to live with them every day. These include physical discomforts such as difficulties in breathing, difficulties, engaging in physical activities, skin conditions on the inframammary fold due to the lack of proper oxygenation, along with emotional discomfort. Many times, women with overly large breasts can find it difficult to find the right clothing and bras that will offer support for their breasts. Many women find it uncomfortable and a struggle to enter a room if the first thing that people notice about them is their breasts. For teenage girls or young women, this could be even more of a problem as they can get more unwanted attention from the opposite sex and this can lead to emotional trauma.

Breast reduction surgery offers an efficient and permanent solution to get breasts more proportionate to the rest of the patient’s anatomy. The procedure is commonly performed under general anesthesia and can last up to three hours or more, depending on the specifics of each case. After the operation, the patient can return home within a couple of hours to continue the recovery process.

When considering the breast reduction procedure, many patients want to know if the breasts can become large again after the intervention. In a vast majority of cases, the answer is a firm no; however, there are certain things to consider.

If the procedure is performed on teenage patients who haven’t completed the development of the mammary gland, the breasts can indeed increase their size again after the intervention. This is why the recommendation is often to perform the procedure only on patients who have fully developed breasts.

Moreover, the breasts change throughout the life of the patient. Even if you undergo breast reduction in your early adulthood, chances are your breasts will be subject to further transformations over the years. For example, gaining a considerable amount of weight can make your breasts bigger after the surgery. They won’t get bigger because the mammary gland has increased its size but because the fat tissue has more volume. An ulterior pregnancy can also alter the shape and size of the breasts, making them bigger or smaller and even saggier.

Generally speaking, breast reduction provides permanent results. The part of the mammary gland that was removed won’t grow back; however, other changes in the body can determine the breasts to change their size and shape over the years. It is important to discuss this topic with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation to know exactly what to expect after breast reduction surgery.

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