Will the breasts look natural after breast reduction?

Will the breasts look natural after breast reduction?

15th Jul 2019



Women are extremely sensitive about their body image. Aesthetic shortcomings or flaws in any area of the body can affect their self-esteem. The breasts are the most critical aesthetic areas of the female body. They define your femininity, fertility, and physical beauty. As such, when the breasts are abnormally sized or shaped, it can cause self-esteem issues for you. One of the conditions that many women suffer from is the development of overly large breasts.

When the breasts become huge and disproportionate, it not only creates body image issues for the patient but also leads to physical pain. Breast reduction surgery effectively reduces the breast size and restores the patient’s self-esteem, besides alleviating the associated pain. Many patients wonder whether their breasts will appear natural after breast reduction surgery. 


Enlargement of the breasts

To understand whether your breasts will look natural after breast reduction, you need first to understand the causes of enlargement of the breasts and how breast reduction is performed. When you understand these things, you will get to see the big picture of the appearance of the breasts after the procedure. Many factors cause the breasts to become huge. The leading factors include genetics, massive weight gain, pregnancy, and the use of certain medications like corticosteroids. 

Most patients get huge breasts in heredity. If someone in your family has huge breasts, there is a risk you might also develop similar breasts at some point in time. For example, if your mother or grandmother has overly large breasts, you may develop similar breasts. On the other hand, many patients also get huge breasts due to massive weight gain resulting from a poor lifestyle. Massive weight addition means the addition of extra fat to your breasts, which can make your breasts look overly large and heavy.

Also, pregnancy can lead to an increase in breast size. During pregnancy, your body goes through hormonal changes that ultimately take the shape of physical changes. Your breasts may become huge during pregnancy. In most cases, the breasts decrease in size after childbirth and breastfeeding, but some patients may continue to have huge breasts even after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Furthermore, the use of some medicines can lead to the overdevelopment of the breasts. Hormones like steroids often trigger the growth of considerable breasts in females. Also, the use of specific hormones increases your appetite, which can lead to the growth of huge breasts.

While many patients desire to have bigger breasts, the development of huge breasts is not what most people want. Ideally, the size of the breasts should be significant to the extent that it balances your overall figure. The breast size should accentuate your body outline, height, weight, and other physical features. When the breast size outdoes these features, they look abnormal. Huge breasts also create pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. To get rid of the condition, you may undergo breast reduction surgery. 


Breast reduction and appearance of the breasts

Even though your breasts will appear natural after breast reduction surgery, the success of the surgery also depends on different factors. These factors include your plastic surgeon’s experience and qualification, aftercare following the operation, the use of surgical compression bras after the procedure, your skin quality, and other such factors. In fact, the primary goal of breast reduction surgery is to decrease the size of your huge breasts that otherwise look unnatural and to make them look natural and aesthetically welcoming. 

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia because the procedure is highly invasive and traumatic. During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and assess your overall health to determine your candidacy for the procedure. During the surgery, an anesthesiologist will first administer you the anesthesia, after which you will go to sleep.

The plastic surgeon will then start the operation by making incisions on the breasts. The length and type of incision depend on how large your breasts are and to what extent you want to reduce them. The surgeon will then access the glandular tissue and carefully remove the excess tissue. Next, the doctor will remove the excess fat from the breasts. The excess skin resulting from the removal of the tissue and fat is then carefully excised and the remaining skin is re-draped. The incisions are then sutured and closed.

The results of the procedure will slowly emerge over the coming weeks and months. You will find that your breasts have been reduced in size and weight. The improvements will help ease or eliminate the pain linked with enormous breasts. Now, you might be wondering how your breasts will look after the surgery and whether they will look natural. 


Will the breasts look natural after breast reduction?

Women are susceptible about their breasts. It is natural for you to be curious about whether your breasts will appear natural after breast reduction. The good news is that your breasts will look completely natural after breast reduction surgery because the procedure reduces your breast size, making them proportional to your body outline, height, weight, and other aesthetic features.

In fact, when the breasts become huge, they appear unnatural and abnormal. Huge breasts look unbalanced and disproportionate when viewed in light of your other physical features and body outline. For the breasts to look natural, they need to be ideally sized and accentuate your other body areas and features. Breast reduction surgery helps you get natural looking breasts by reducing the size of your overly large breasts that were looking unnatural.

Also, unlike breast augmentation with implants, breast reduction surgery does not use any foreign objects to enhance your breasts. It merely takes out the excess tissue, skin, and fat in your breasts, which results in smaller breasts that go well with your body outline. As a result, your breasts look entirely natural and aesthetically appealing and sexy. 

Even though breast reduction surgery can make your breasts look natural, other factors come into play to determine the appearance of the breasts after the procedure. First off, much of the success of the surgery depends on your plastic surgeon’s skills, experience, and qualification. If the surgeon is inexperienced, the risk of your breasts looking abnormal after breast reduction increases considerably.

It is vital for the patient to choose the plastic surgeon carefully so that your breasts can look natural. When selecting the plastic surgeon, make sure he is board-certified and experienced in breast reduction surgery. During the pre-operative consultation, ask the surgeon as many relevant questions as possible because doing so will give you an idea about his experience and skills. You can even ask him to show you before and after pictures of patients that he has treated in the past for breast reduction surgery. You can take a look at the after-surgery pictures to see whether the results are natural. 

Secondly, the recovery period and aftercare play a leading role in determining the results of the procedure. If you are careless during the recovery and do physically strenuous activities, it can lead to incision splitting, infection, and bleeding that can affect the results and make your breasts look abnormal and unnatural. To get natural results with breast reduction, you must be extremely careful during the recovery period.

The first two weeks are crucial in terms of the results and recovery. During this time, stay in bed and take sufficient rest instead of moving around. Complete recovery can take six weeks. For six weeks, you must avoid any activity that can apply pressure and strain on the surgical wounds. 

The use of the surgical compression bra is recommended for many weeks after breast reduction. The surgical bras are designed to keep your newly contoured breasts in place until they heal and get enough strength to stay in the intended position. The bras also help reduce the swelling and speed up healing after the surgery. 

Make sure to wear the surgical bras for the recommended time so that your breasts can look natural. Not doing so can lead to many problems like breast sagging and unnatural outcomes. Do not use your regular bras immediately after the surgery. Instead, you must wait for the surgeon’s approval before resuming to wear your regular bras. 



Breast reduction is a popular plastic surgery procedure in the US. It effectively reduces the size of huge breasts, making them balanced and aesthetically pleasant. Many patients ask whether their breasts will look natural following the operation. The answer is that your breasts will indeed look natural after the surgery because the procedure reduces your breast size, making them proportional to your body outline, height, and weight. As a result, the breasts look more natural after the surgery. However, other factors may affect the results of the procedure. These include your plastic surgeon’s experience, the aftercare, and the use of surgical bras. 


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