Will the breasts sag after a breast augmentation procedure?

Will the breasts sag after a breast augmentation procedure?

17th Jul 2019

Will the breasts sag after a breast augmentation procedure?



One of the main concerns of women considering breast augmentation surgery is whether the breasts will sag after the procedure. Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that promises to enhance your breasts by increasing their size and improving their shape. There are two types of breast augmentation procedures: breast implant surgery and fat transfer to the breasts. Whether your breasts will sag after the operation is not a common problem, but when coupled with other factors, the breasts may sag after breast implant surgery.

Breasts that have been augmented with fat transfer do not sag after the surgery or as a result of the operation. But since breast implants are foreign objects that come with additional weight to the breasts, factors like gravity, lifestyle, and pregnancy may cause sagging after the procedure. If you are worried about sagging after breast augmentation with implants, you should discuss your concerns with the surgeon in advance of the procedure. 


Breast augmentation with implants

Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most common and trendy plastic surgery procedures in the US. This procedure can effectively increase the size of the breasts and hence improve your self-esteem, body image, and quality of life. Breast implants are prosthetic objects that are available in different sizes. The surgery is recommended for women who have smaller breasts and desire to have bigger ones. 

During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on your breasts and then insert and put the implants through incisions inside the breasts. After the implants are in the intended places, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions. As a result, your breast size will increase considerably. However, breast implants are temporary objects. They come with a warranted life of ten years, but most implants last for more than ten years. You will have to remove or replace the implants when they rupture or leak. 


Sagging after breast augmentation: Gravity and breast implant size

The breasts have a natural tendency to sag over time. As you age, the breast skin loses its elasticity, causing the breasts to become saggy. However, many factors are responsible for breast sagging. These include breast size, aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, skin quality, and lifestyle. 

Even though the breasts have a natural propensity to sag, when the breasts are augmented with implants, the risk of breast sagging may increase for some patients. The size of the implant is the leading factor that determines whether your breasts will sag after breast augmentation surgery. 

To avoid sagging resulting from breast implant size, be sure to select the breast implant size carefully. The implant size must accentuate your overall body frame and fit well inside your breast dimensions. For example, when petite and thin patients get implants larger than 200cc each, the risk of sagging after the surgery will increase. Moreover, any patient who receives an implant more than 350cc will run a higher risk of breast sagging. 

To avoid sagging resulting from the use of large implant size, you must ask your plastic surgeon to help you select an implant size that is ideal for your body anatomy and breast dimensions. The plastic surgeon will also take your skin quality into account when determining the breast implant size suitable for you. A good plastic surgeon will consider the following factors when recommending you a breast implant size:

  •   the volume of natural tissue in your breasts
  •   your breast dimensions
  •   the distance between your nipples
  •   the extent of existing breast sagging
  •   your body outline
  •   whether or not your breasts are balanced
  •   your skin quality

There is no doubt that the larger the implants, the higher will be the risk of breast drooping. Many patients want to get huge breasts; however, their breast dimensions and body outline do not support this, and the risk of sagging is greater. Keep in mind to have realistic and reasonable goals that can serve you on a sustainable basis. While you can get huge breasts with implants, your breasts will sag and can even look abnormal and strange. As such, you must listen to the plastic surgeon and follow his recommendations when it comes to selecting the breast implant size.


Additional weight of the implants and breast sagging

Breast implants are not so heavy. They are lightweight, but this doesn’t mean large implants that have more weight will not lead to sagging after the surgery. Most patients achieve sufficient breast size increase and cleavage improvement after getting implants. 

The larger the implant size, the more will be its weight. For instance, if you opt to get a huge implant, let’s say 650cc, you would be adding 3 pounds of weight to your chest. Your breast muscle, chest wall tissue, and skin may fail to keep such a massive implant in place. As a result, the breast may sag after the procedure. 


Gravity, large implants, and breast sagging

When you walk around doing jogging or other physical activities, gravity works against the implants that have been placed inside your breasts. The gravitational force pulls the breast tissue and implants downward and away from your chest. The more significant the breast implant, the more will be the gravitational pull on it. When the implants are pulled downward, the breasts will sag over time.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding after breast implant surgery

There is this prevailing assumption that breastfeeding after breast implant surgery causes the breasts to sag. However, not all plastic surgeons agree on this. Majority of surgeons argue that it is pregnancy that causes the breasts to fall after breast augmentation surgery, not breastfeeding. 

During pregnancy, your body experiences hormonal changes that lead to an enlargement of the breasts and affect your other body areas. During pregnancy, your breasts will increase in size. This may damage your breast skin elasticity. As a result, the skin will fail to go back to its original place, hence causing the breasts to sag. 


Getting sustainable results with breast augmentation

At the time of choosing your implant, you should ask yourself as to what types of changes your breasts might experience as you age. Be sure to select an implant that is suitable for your breast dimensions, composition, and overall body anatomy. If the implants are too large for your breast dimensions, it can cause sagging over time. 

Furthermore, after breast implant surgery, your breasts will look aesthetically appealing and beautiful; however, that does not mean you can go bra-less. When you go bra-less after the procedure, it will lead to sagging because the gravitational pull will be applied directly to the implants and your breast tissue. 

During the pre-operative consultation, make sure to ask the doctor to help you choose the breast implant size. Plastic surgeons are well aware as to how the implant size will affect your breasts. Your goals are important, and a good surgeon will help you set realistic goals and expectations. 

Keep in mind that breast augmentation surgery can enhance your breasts and make you look more feminine; however, do not expect it to transform you into a curvaceous queen or a celebrity. Every person has unique anatomy and different breast composition. As such, the results will be different for different patients. 

Keep in mind that bigger is not always better and there isn’t a standard breast implant size that can fit every patient. The key here is to choose an implant type and size that is ideal for your body type and can enhance your breasts to the extent that they wouldn’t sag after the surgery. 

In case your breasts are not symmetrical, the surgeon may recommend you two varying sizes of implants so that your breasts can appear balanced after the surgery. On the other hand, if your breasts are already severely saggy, you should consider getting the breast lift instead of breast augmentation. While implants can help treat mildly saggy breasts, they can make severely saggy breasts worse. The breast lift restores the firmness of your breasts by removing the excess skin and tightening the breast muscles. 



One of the common questions that many plastic surgeons get to hear is whether the breasts will sag after breast augmentation surgery. It is an important question that you should ask your plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. Fat transfer does not cause sagging, but breast implant surgery may trigger the condition. Breast augmentation with implants may cause your breasts to sag if you choose the wrong implant size, go bra-less after the surgery, or get pregnant. In this article, I have explained all the factors that might combine with breast augmentation surgery to cause sagging. I have also described how you can prevent sagging after breast augmentation.


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