Will the butt look deformed after taking out the implants?

Will the butt look deformed after taking out the implants?

01st Apr 2019


Buttock implant surgery is one of the most popular procedures in the US. In the past, only celebrities underwent surgery to enhance their backside. Today, ordinary women who desire to get a bigger booty also go under the knife. Butt implant surgery is highly effective and delivers amazing aesthetic results. The surgery involves the insertion and placement of artificial implants inside the butt through incisions.

Even though buttock implant surgery delivers long-lasting results and the implants are permanent, there are factors that may necessitate the removal of the implants. Many patients are curious as to how their butt will appear when the implants are taken out. They often ask whether their butt will appear deformed when the implants are removed. In this article, we will take a look at how the butt may appear after implant removal.


Why remove butt implants?

There are various reasons why you may be required to have your buttock implants removed. The common reasons are:

– Capsular contracture: Capsular contracture is a common reason why some patients are told to have their butt implants removed. The problem happens when the scar tissue (capsule) that forms around the implants starts to contract and squeeze the implants. It not only changes the shape of the butt but also triggers physical pain for the patients. To get rid of the problem, the patient must undergo a new surgery that would involve removal of the implants along with the scar tissue.

– Infection of the implant: Another major reason why you may be required to remove your butt implants is an infection of the implants. When the implants get infected, it can lead to major health and safety issues. Even though minor infections can be treated with oral antibiotics, a deep infection that spreads to the implants requires surgical treatment. The surgery would involve removal of the implants and disinfection of the implant pocket and surrounding tissues.

– Dissatisfaction with the results: While butt implant surgery has a good record of delivering impressive outcomes, there are still chances some patients may not like the results of the surgery. If you are not satisfied with your results, you may choose to have the implants surgically removed.

– Change in aesthetic desires: You may initially be content with the results achieved; however, as you age, your aesthetic desires and preferences may change and you may want to have the implants removed. In such case, the implants will be removed.

Will the butt look deformed after implant removal?

Many patients ask how their butt will look after the removal of the implants. Also, they want to know whether their butt will look deformed after taking out the implants. Keep in mind that when the butt implants are removed, the aesthetic improvements achieved with the implants will disappear. For example, your butt will no longer appear bigger, shapelier, and sexy. The procedure to remove the implants will reverse the results of the operation. The bad news is that your butt may also appear deformed after the implants have been taken out.

The common forms of buttock deformity after removal of the implants will occur in the form of depressions and indentations on the buttocks. In case you are removing the implants after having them for many years, your butt will appear saggy and aesthetically unwelcoming. The contour of your butt will become poor, making them appear deformed and loose. Your butt will no longer appear firmer and youthful.

So, why does the butt appear deformed after the removal of implants? Well, the implants add projection and fullness to your backside. When the implants are placed, they will make your backside appear bigger. The implants take time to drop and settle and adjust to the new environment. The tissues in the buttocks also make adjustments around the implant, making your butt shapelier and fuller. The buttock skin also stretches out to adjust to the implants.

When the implants are removed, it creates a type of vacuum in the buttocks. The skin becomes loose because when it was initially stretched due to the implants, it loses its elastic quality. It will fail to retract to its original position after such a long time of being stretched. The muscles and tissue in the buttocks will also become lost because of the removal of the implants. These factors will cause the butt to appear deformed and saggy and develop depressions and serrations.

Many patients think when the implants are removed, the butt will still appear firm and full. This is not true. Removal of the implants will make your buttocks smaller, flatter, saggy, deformed, and aesthetically unwelcoming. Your buttocks are good as long as the implants are there. There are also chances that you will develop cellulite on your butt after the implants have been removed. Moreover, the tone and smoothness of your buttocks will disappear after the procedure. The butt can even become uneven or asymmetrical after butt implant removal surgery.

The size of the implants will also determine how deformed your butt may appear after the surgery. If the implants are large, there are chances your buttocks will appear deformed after removal of the implants. On the other hand, if the implants are smaller, the risk of buttock deformity will be lower.

How is implant removal surgery performed?

Buttock implant removal surgery is a major intervention. It is performed under general anesthesia and entails all the risks associated with the buttock augmentation procedure. The plastic surgeon will start by opening the original incisions made during the original butt implant surgery. In some cases, a new, tiny incision may be required for safe removal of the implant.

After opening the incision, the surgeon will access the buttock implant by using certain surgical tools. The surgeon will cut through the tissues and muscles to expose the implants. Afterwards, the surgeon will carefully take out the butt implants. After removal of the implants, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions. The patient may be required to stay in the hospital overnight.

Buttock implant removal surgery is highly invasive and involves many side effects and risks. After the surgery, the patient must go through a complete recovery process. The primary recovery will take place during the first two weeks following the procedure. Complete recovery will take many weeks and even months. After the surgery, you must avoid sleeping on your back for 2-3 weeks. Also, you must avoid physically strenuous activities for six weeks following the operation.

The incisions will gradually heal in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, your buttocks will appear deformed even after the incisions have fully healed. The aesthetic flaws in the butt after removal of the implants often affect the self-esteem of the patients and causes emotional pain for them. There are certain things you can do to improve the aesthetics of your butt after implant removal surgery.

Improving the butt after implant removal

The butt implants are removed due to the problems mentioned above. If you want to make your buttocks shapelier and fuller again after butt implant removal, you should consider getting new implants. The implants can be placed inside your butt after a few months from your surgery, depending on what problem triggered the need for the removal of the implants.

The second option is to undergo fat transfer. If you have excess fat in your body like the abdomen, sides, and flanks, you may consider getting fat transfer surgery. The procedure involves removal of the excess fat from the fat donor sites through liposuction and injecting the fat into the butt. You can undergo surgery a few months after the buttock implant removal procedure. It will help you regain many of the aesthetic qualities lost during the implant removal surgery.


While most patients don’t need butt implant removal, there are problems that can trigger the need for the removal of the implants in some patients. Those problems have been discussed above. After removal of the implants, your backside will appear deformed, loose, asymmetrical, and aesthetically unpleasant. Your butt will also decrease in size and appear poorly shaped. If you want to get back some of the lost results due to the removal of the implants, you should consider fat transfer, or you can get new buttock implants to regain the lost results.


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