Will the fat grafted into the butt disappear if i exercise?

Will the fat grafted into the butt disappear if i exercise?

27th Jul 2019


Fat transfer to the butt is commonly requested nowadays by women who want to enhance the shape and moderately increase the size of their buttocks. The results of the procedure are not really comparable to the ones achieved with butt implants surgery; however, the results look natural and the overall appearance of the patient can be much improved. Moreover, it allows for the remodeling of the sides and the lower part of the buttocks, which is something we can’t do when implants are used because they can only be inserted in the upper part of the buttocks, where the gluteal muscles are.

Fat grafting to the buttocks is also preferred for other reasons such as the ability to remodel the shape of the patient’s silhouette. The procedure is perfect for patients who have adipose deposits in other areas of the body that can be extracted with the help of liposuction that is performed in the first stage of the procedure. Liposuction is an intrinsic part of the procedure and can’t be performed without it. With the help of liposuction, the plastic surgeon will collect the fat that is needed for transfer to the butt. 

When performing liposuction, the plastic surgeon will target areas of the body that have an excess of adipose tissue and could also look better if slimmer. Keep in mind that no more than six to seven liters of fat can be removed in one session. This means that if you have more, there will be some left in the areas treated.

After the fat cells extracted are purified with a centrifugation process, the plastic surgeon will use special syringes to insert them into the buttocks. The fat is injected at different levels and depths inside the buttocks to create a beautiful, harmonious shape and to ensure the survival of the majority of the fat cells injected.

Patients desiring to undergo this procedure are often worried about the sustainability of the results and whether the fat that was grafted into the buttocks will disappear if the patient starts exercising. You should know that the procedure is recommended for athletes as well, with the condition for them to be able to take enough time off sports to allow for the recovery period. 

For the first two months after the procedure, some of the fat that was grafted will disappear. This is normal, and the plastic surgeon will warn you about this side effect. Not all the fat that is injected will survive in the new environment. Generally speaking, if 70% of the fat injected survives in the first two months, it means that the procedure was successful. After these two months, the fat cells transferred will develop a new blood network that will ensure their survival in the future, just like cells that were originally inside the buttocks. Exercising will have the same effect on the fat grafted into the buttocks as it has on the fat that was already there. 

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