Will the scars disappear after butt implant surgery?

Will the scars disappear after butt implant surgery?

03rd Oct 2019



If your buttocks are smaller and the condition is affecting your self-esteem, you might probably be thinking about getting butt implant surgery. Butt implant surgery involves the placing of artificial devices called implants inside the booty through incisions. These implants are highly durable and come with robust construction. After the procedure, your buttocks will become large, sexy, and voluptuous. You will appear more feminine, and your self-confidence will get a boost as a result of more prominent and voluptuous buttocks.

Like all procedures that involve incisions, butt implant surgery also leaves behind scars on the booty. Scarring after the procedure is inevitable because the operation involves incisions, which develop into scars. Under normal conditions, the scars fade and become less visible over time. Many patients wonder as to whether the scars will disappear after the surgery. The answer is that the scars will never disappear. They are there to stay with you for a lifetime.


Butt implant surgery

To understand why the scarring happens and stays with you, you need first to understand =butt implant surgery. Buttock implants are available in different sizes. During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks, take specific measurements, and know your expectations before telling you as to what size of implant is suitable for you. Keep in mind that the size of the implant is a crucial factor that would go into determining the size and type of the post-operative scarring.

It is essential for the patient to choose the implant size carefully. You must listen to your plastic surgeon while selecting the implant size. If you are afraid of scars, you should not choose a huge implant. Bigger is not always better. The size of the implant should accentuate your body outline and definition. It should also fit appropriately inside your booty. Keep in mind that the larger the implant, the larger the resulting scar.

Butt implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia. After the anesthesia administration, the plastic surgeon will make the necessary incision on the booty. If you have chosen a large implant, the surgeon will make a large incision on the butt so that the implant can be placed inside. Once the incision is made, the surgeon will carefully insert the implant into the butt through the incision, in the pocket created in the predetermined place.

After placing the implant inside the pocket, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions. Your recovery will start at this point. As you recover over the next few weeks and months, you will see that the incision made for placing the implant inside the butt changes into a scar.


Will the scars disappear after the procedure?

The procedure involves incisions so that the implants can be inserted into the buttocks and placed in the desired position. Given the fact that the buttocks get incisions, you can expect the incisions to heal in about 4-7 weeks. On average, it takes about six weeks for the incisions to heal. This can differ from one patient to another because we all have different healing patterns. 

As you recover, the incisions will heal. However, it can take many weeks for the incisions to heal. As the incisions heal, the scar will develop. Scarring happens as a natural reaction of your body’s natural healing systems against the surgical trauma. When your body gets incisions, it produces an increased level of collagen concentrated at the site of the incision. The collagen works to seal the incisions by creating scars. 

In most cases of butt implant surgery, the incision is placed in the buttock crease that is the division between your butt cheeks. Two-incision techniques can be used, and both can leave different scars on the buttocks. One method involves placing the incision in the center of the butt crease, whereas the other technique involves two arc-type incisions on each butt. 

While both incision techniques consist of the placement of the incision in the crease and camouflaged when you wear undergarments, the scars will be noticeable in case you get huge implants. 

Majority of the plastic surgeons use the two-incision method since it offers them more control over the procedure. Furthermore, they can make the incision in a way that highlights the shape of the booty and makes the buttocks more curvaceous. No matter whether single or double incisions are used, the resulting scars can still be camouflaged. 

On the contrary, some surgeons also make an additional incision on the tailbone if the patient’s buttocks require more shaping. Moreover, smaller incisions may be made over or under the buttock cheek if the extra fat needs to be taken out so that the buttocks can appear balanced and adequately defined. These incisions are tiny, and the resulting scars will become less visible.

During the pre-operative consultation, you must discuss the incision and expected scarring with the plastic surgeon. If your surgeon is experienced, he will tell you as to what type of scarring you can expect to get. The input you get from the surgeon will help you set your expectations and goals for the operation. Be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon so that the scarring can be minimized. 

No matter who performs your surgery and what incision types are used, the scarring after the surgery will never disappear. You will see that the scars will fade, change color, and become less noticeable over time; however, they will never go away. If you are sensitive to the development of scars, you must take this into consideration when deciding to get butt implant surgery. 

In most cases, the scars usually develop and fade over time; however, certain factors may trigger the development of abnormal scars in rare instances. Abnormal scars are raised, completely visible, and aesthetically unwelcoming in appearance. The common factors that can trigger the emergence of abnormal scars include genetics and carelessness during recovery. It has also been found that women with dark skin are more at risk of abnormal scarring than women with fair skin. 

The scar after buttock implant surgery will take time to normalize and hit maturity. First, the scar will be red, and it will then become white and fade in the next six or seven months. 


Is there any way to reduce the visibility or eliminate the scars?

As of now, no method can eliminate scars, but there are some ways to reduce their visibility. Surgical scar revision is one of the conventional methods used to decrease the profile of the scars. With this approach, the scars can be made less visible by rejoining the healthy skin. In case your scars are more visible, you may use this method to make them smaller and shorter. 

The second option to decrease the visibility of scars is called dermabrasion. This method involves the use of an electrical apparatus to excise the upper layer of the scar’s skin. As a result, the scar becomes smoother and less noticeable. Usually, the dermabrasion approach is used to treat acne scars, post-surgery scars, and other roughness on the skin. 

Another option to decrease the visibility of the scars is called laser scar revision. This approach uses laser rays to heal the injured skin. You can ask your surgeon as to which laser treatment method is best to reduce your post-op scars. Some patients also get soft tissue fillers to decrease the visibility of the scars. The fillers comprise of collagen, fat, and other soft tissues. 

There is also an option to get a punch graft to treat the post-op scars. With this approach, the doctor will use small pieces of your skin to swap the scar tissue. Other options include the use of silicone gel, lotions, and even corticosteroid-based creams and lotions. 

No matter how much you reduce the visibility of the scars, the scars will not disappear. They are there to stay with you forever. If you are sensitive to the development of the scars, you must communicate this to the plastic surgeon ahead of the procedure. 



Buttock implant surgery has a history of delivering impressive results. The procedure uses foreign objects called implants to increase your butt size. After the procedure, you will appear more feminine, fertile, and beautiful. However, the surgery involves incisions that will take the shape of scars in the weeks and months following the surgery. The scar is a typical but permanent side effect of butt implant surgery. Many patients ask whether the scars will disappear after the operation. The answer is that the scars will fade but will not disappear. They will remain with you throughout your life. 

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