Will there be significant scarring after breast lift surgery?

Will there be significant scarring after breast lift surgery?

26th Mar 2020


Before undergoing many types of plastic surgery procedures, patients are concerned about the scarring. Considering the fact that the scars are permanent and even if they will fade in time they will never disappear, it is a normal concern and patients should be fully aware about what is to be expected before undergoing the procedure.

When it comes to the breast lift surgery, things are even more sensitive as the breasts are the symbols of femininity and sex appeal and no one wants to be left with significant scarring at the level of the breasts after undergoing plastic surgery to make them perkier.

When thinking about the scars after the breast lift surgery, patients should know that they can be left with one to three incisions at the level of the breasts. The number and length of the incisions are dependent on the amount of skin sagginess on the level of the breasts. In other words, if your breasts are severely sagging on the chest wall, the nipples are positioned much lower than the level of the inframammary fold and facing down, the chances are that the plastic surgeon will need multiple incisions to enhance the aspect of the breasts. 

The breast lift procedure often entails more scarring than the breast augmentation with implants. This is one of the reasons why patients choose to have breast implants inserted while having their breasts lifted. This means just one set of incisions and multiple aesthetic benefits after the procedure is performed and the healing process is completed.

Since we have mentioned the healing process, it is important to know that when it comes to the recovery after breast lift surgery, most patients will need to get no more than two weeks off from work. After this period, most patients can resume work and most of their day to day activities, aside from sports and physically demanding activities that should be avoided for a few more weeks or according to the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. 

Even if the recovery period after breast lift surgery is not overly long, this doesn’t mean that when it is over, the patient will see the final results of the procedure. It can take three to six months for the final aspect of the breasts to occur and even longer for the scars to have their final aspect. The cicatrization process entails multiple stages. There will be times when the incisions will look worse than immediately after the surgery. If there are no other signs of a potential complication, this is completely normal and nothing to be worried about. The cicatrization process can take up to twelve months. During this time the incisions will evolve to look like fine white lines, very similar in aspect to the surrounding tissues. 

Scarring can be more significant after the breast lift surgery if the patient is prone to developing abnormal scars. Make sure to go to the follow-up consultations with the plastic surgeon to allow him to monitor the cicatrization process to ensure the scars are as less visible as possible. 

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