Wonder breast augmentation in houston

Wonder breast augmentation in houston

03rd Jul 2016

Breast augmentation in Houston is a plastic surgery procedure designed to add projection, increase fullness and enhance the shape of your breast through the insertion of implants. The implants come in different sizes and shapes. Dr. Cortés normally performs the breast augmentation procedure by placing the implant behind the breast muscle to increase the bra cup size.

The Difference Between the Wonder Breast Augmentation and the Traditional Breast Augmentation

Dr. Cortés uses breast augmentation method that is personally tailored to the individual’s anatomical proportions to ensure the best results. He selects the implant size based on these factors. The outdated notion that espouses, “bigger breasts are better breasts” no longer apply in today’s society. Dr. Cortés carefully selects the implants that are the best fit for the patient to ensure optimal results and preclude any potential complications and risks after the procedure. Traditionally, breast augmentation simply focused on delivering the large breast size without giving due consideration to the patient’s overall figure, anatomy and aesthetic goals.

Who Is the Best Candidate for the Wonder Breast Augmentation?

You can be a good candidate for the wonder breast augmentation if your goal is to achieve fuller breasts. The breast augmentation techniques will be customized to your specific anatomical proportions and aesthetic goals. However, it is important, to understand that this surgery is not a treatment for breast sagging. If you are suffering from breast sagginess, you should undergo a wonder breast lift instead.

Types of Implants

The type of implant for the wonder breast augmentation is selected after thorough consideration of your anatomy and aesthetic goals. There are a number of implant types you can choose on the basis of factors listed below:

▪ Implant filler: The breast implant may be filled with silicone or saline
▪ Implant size: Implants come in different sizes, ranging between 150 cc and 900 cc
▪ Implant profile: The implant can have a high, moderate or low profile.
▪ Implant shape: The implants come in round and anatomical shapes.

The implants being used in breast augmentation all have FDA approval. A breast implant normally comprises a silicone shell prefilled with either silicone or saline. They boast an impressive history of safety and effective results. Normally, a silicone implant comes pre-filled while a saline implant is filled with the saline solution after placing the implant inside of the breast. Both implants come in different sizes and shapes.

Your Consultation

Before your consultation with Dr. Cortés, we encourage you to access some educational videos about breast augmentation on our YouTube channel drwilbertocorteslive. This will help you acquire a better understanding and appreciation of the surgery.

Your breasts and chest dimensions will be measured and examined during the initial consultation. Dr. Cortés will check your skin tone, the placement of the inframammary crease in addition to measuring your nipple and areola size. The doctor will assess your breast volume and location of nipples before recommending the best breast implant size and shape for you. In order to prevent any risks of potential complications, he will get your full medical history, current medications you have taken or still taking, your emotional state, your social history and all other factors that may impact on your safety will all be taken into account. He will also check your breasts for asymmetry you may have gotten from any previous surgery.

During the consultation, frankly discuss your aesthetic goals and expectations with Dr. Cortés.
While breast implants can deliver long lasting and sustainable aesthetic results, the patient must fully understand that it is not designed to last for a lifetime. You may need a revision surgery in the distant future.

Surgical Risks

Just like all other surgeries, the wonder breast augmentation procedure carries attendant risks and possible complications. These risks include general surgery risks like infections and excessive bleeding. In addition, breast implants have its own unique risks and potential complications, such as capsular contracture that has been noted to occur in about 8-10 percent of patients.

A capsular contracture occurs when the scar tissue tightens around the implant. The situation becomes severe when the scar tissue thickens and squeezes the implant causing the breasts to harden and become misshapen besides causing pain and discomfort for the patient. Capsular contracture can be fixed through medications like vitamins and Singulair. In a severe case, a surgery may be necessary to remove the capsule.

In order to avoid capsular contracture and other complications associated with breast augmentation, Dr. Cortés encourages his patients to do breast exercises after the surgery. Doing so decreases the risk of capsular contracture.

Infection is not so common among breast augmentation patients, thanks to the advent of newer surgical methods and technologies. However, the risk of infection exists even several months after the procedure. If infection occurs, the implant must be replaced.

Another complication is the change in breast sensation after the procedure that could affect the areas around the breast mound, areola and nipple. The nipple may become very sensitive or numb. These symptoms are usually temporary. The condition will gradually subside although there are isolated cases where it becomes permanent.

If you get pregnant after breast augmentation, the breast implant will normally not cause any problem for your baby. It also does not present any problem in breastfeeding. However, there is a risk that pregnancy and breastfeeding will negatively affect the aesthetic results you achieved with breast augmentation. In this case, a revision surgery may be needed to restore your pre-pregnancy breast shape and size.

Breast implant rupture is another complication that can occur after the procedure. His may happen due to injury, application of intense pressure or leak. Rupture of a saline implant can be easily diagnosed because it results in deflation of the breast. Your body will absorb and excrete the saline solution (which is not dangerous for health) naturally. Silicone implant rupture is more difficult to diagnose because the silicone gel remains trapped near the breast pocket border. If you suspect rapture, immediately consult your doctor. Silicone rupture can be detected in an MRI scan. Women who are suffering from breast cancer should undergo a mammography in case they think their silicone implant has ruptured.

Location of your surgery and type of anesthesia

Dr. Cortés will perform your wonder breast augmentation in the Houston Northwest Medical Center. The procedure is done under general anesthesia that is administered by a professional anesthesiologist. You will be able to go home right after the surgery if your condition remains stable. However, if more than one procedure has been conducted, you will need to spend the night in the hospital.

The Surgery

Dr. Cortés will make different incisions in areas, which would leave minimal scarring. Normally, it is done across the areola or in the breast crease. Anyway, the type of incisions will be discussed with you during the initial consultation. It must be stressed that no matter what type of incisions are made, there will always be scarring, but these tend to heal and fade in time.

After an incision is made, Dr. Cortés will cut across the breast tissue to access the chest muscle. The muscle will then be cut at the lower end, creating a pocket for the breast implant. The doctor will then insert and place the implant inside the pocket.

After the breast implant is placed inside the pocket, Dr. Cortés will measure the volume of the other breast in order to avoid possible breast asymmetry. Doing so ensures that a suitable implant has been used to achieve your aesthetic goals and that there is no risk of breast asymmetry. The incisions will then be sutured and you will be moved to the recovery room where you will wake up after the effects of the anesthesia had worn off.

What to Expect After Your Surgery

After the breast augmentation procedure, you may experience a little pain and discomfort in your chest. This is absolutely normal and can easily be managed with pain relief medications. Your breasts may also feel different, and you may think the implants are situated higher and appear fake. Do not panic because your implants will gradually settle into its new shape as the swelling subsides. This may take a few weeks or even a month. You can help hasten the implant settling by doing the exercises and massages recommended by your surgeon.

Getting Back to Normal

You can take a shower immediately after the wonder breast augmentation surgery. You may feel that your breasts have become very sensitive. Still, it is important that you do your breast exercises.

The scarring will gradually heal and after about a year, they will lighten, fade and become barely noticeable. However, they will not fully disappear. If it is your first breast augmentation surgery, you are advised to undergo mammograms and breast exams routinely. Your breast will heal in 3-4 weeks and you can resume your normal routine thereafter. It is very important to strictly follow the recommendations of Dr. Cortés after the surgery.

The New You

Now that you got these beautiful projected and well-sculpted breasts, you can walk with increased self-confidence. If the implant size and shape has been carefully chosen for the perfect fit, your aesthetically appealing breasts will serve you well for a long time. You should just be patient right after the surgery because the implant can take several months to settle.

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