Wonder breast lift

Wonder breast lift

11th Jul 2016

The wonder breast lift is a breakthrough plastic surgery and signature procedure of Dr. Cortes. This procedure is far better than the traditional breast lift procedure for various reasons. In this article, we will get you acquainted with information, such as why this surgery is better than the traditional breast lift, what is involved in the procedure, what to expect, and the eligibility criteria for the surgery.

There are several factors that causes women’s breasts to sag and hang loose. These may include pregnancy, weight fluctuations, breastfeeding, gravity, and medications. All these do take a toll on the breasts. Furthermore, they trigger loss of skin elasticity, which leads to damage of the internal ligaments that hold the breast. With the breast lift procedure, the goal is to treat the breast sagginess by making the breasts firmer and perkier.


The difference between the wonder breast lift and traditional breast lift

The major shortcoming in the traditional breast lift procedure is that it only lifts the breasts, but doesn’t enhance the breast shape. Fortunately, the wonder breast lift procedure by Dr. Cortes not only raises the breasts, but also adds definition and shape to them. Your breasts will appear more aesthetically appealing after the surgery.

Another disadvantage with the traditional breast lift is that it does not deliver sustainable aesthetic outcomes. Your breast will eventually start to sag again over time, losing its fullness, volume, and shape.

Consequently, the wonder breast lift surgery is not only superior to the traditional breast lift as an aesthetic procedure, but also in terms of the aesthetic results it offers. Even though no breast implant is used in the procedure, the wonder breast lift gives you the same raised breasts that should only be achievable via implants. This procedure offers a comprehensive solution to the aesthetic imperfections in your breasts.

During the surgery, Dr. Cortes rebuilds the breast ligaments, and also improves the pectoralis major muscle. By doing so, it enhances the support for your breasts and reorganizes the breast tissue in a way that will offer you impressive aesthetic improvements.


Who is the best candidate for a wonder breast lift procedure?

If you have saggy breasts, but at the same time still have sufficient breast tissue to re-sculpt the breasts, you may be a good candidate for the wonder breast lift surgery. The breast tissue ensures the provision of volume to the top of the breasts. In order to be eligible for the procedure, you must be in overall good physical, emotional and cognitive health as well as have reasonable aesthetic goals and realistic expectations from the surgery.


Types of Implants

The type of implant for the wonder breast augmentation is selected after thorough consideration of your anatomy and aesthetic goals. There are a number of implant types you can choose on the basis of factors listed below:

During the initial consultation, Dr. Cortes will closely examine your health and medications history. If you are suffering from serious health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure, you may not qualify for the wonder breast lift. If you are a smoker, you will be asked to stop smoking in order to be eligible for the surgery. In addition, your skin quality and the amount of breast tissue will also be thoroughly assessed as it plays a part in the success of the surgery.

On the other hand, the wonder breast lift procedure is not ideal for patients who have excessively loose breasts and minimum breast tissue due to massive weight loss.


Your Consultation

Before the initial consultation, we suggest our patients to watch the educational material available on our YouTube channel: Drwilbertocorteslive.

Dr. Cortes will immediately determine your eligibility for the surgery within the first consultation. The doctor will take measurements of your chest dimension, breast width, nipple and lower crease distance, and the area between the nipple and the sternum.

Once this is done, your overall health and aesthetic expectations will be assessed. By then, Dr. Cortes will be able to tell you whether or not you qualify for the surgery.

It is important to mention that all women have different breast sizes and contours. There is no such thing as perfectly symmetrical breasts, regardless if it is natural or not. Since your breasts weren’t perfect to begin with, you should not expect them to be perfect after the wonder breast lift as well. Having said that, there is no doubt that your breasts will significantly improve after the surgery. It will become perkier and more symmetrical after the procedure.


Surgical Risks

The wonder breast lift is a major operation and like all other operations, it comes with a number of risks and potential complications. These include potential infections, excessive bleeding, loss of or change in nipple and breast sensation (permanent or temporary), extensive scarring, poor wound healing, seroma and blood clot formation.

This procedure is relatively safer because of the improvements in plastic surgery technologies and approaches. However, the risks are still there, which is why Dr. Cortes will thoroughly discuss the risks and complications of the surgery with you before the surgery. You will also get instructions on how to prevent major complications from occurring and how to recover quickly.


Where your surgery will be performed and the type of anesthesia

Your surgery will be performed at the Houston Northwest Medical Center. Normally, the procedure can be completed in 3-4 hours, but the exact time depends on a number of factors. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, which will be administered by a professional anesthesiologist. You may go home after the surgery, but if multiple procedures have been performed, you will be required to stay in the hospital overnight.


The Surgery

Because the inverted T scar doesn’t deliver good results, Dr. Cortes prefers to use vertical or horizontal incisions that run to the side of the breasts instead of the center. This ensures that the resulting scars after the surgery are not that visible.

During the wonder breast lift surgery, your skin will be marked with dual contrasting triangles to ensure your nipple-areolar complex is rearranged as well as to separate the breasts’ lower areas that have become loose. This will provide your breasts with their own blood supply. Also, this will make your breasts’ upper poles appear full and perky.

Next, Dr. Cortes will use the pectoralis major muscle as a support for the loose tissue that has been relocated. Furthermore, with the help of ligaments and sutures, the rearranged nipple areolar complex will keep any tissue from spinning. This will prevent any potential bottoming out of the tissue.

The amount of surplus skin available can only be determined during the procedure. Instead of removing the skin, Dr. Cortes will use it as a ligament to provide support to the breast as well as provide your breasts with enhanced shape and contour. Once this is done and there is still some surplus skin left, it will be removed, and finally the incisions will be sutured.


What to Expect After Your Surgery

After the wonder breast lift procedure, Dr. Cortes will examine your breast for symptoms of certain complications like the lack of blood supply and change in sensation. It is normal to feel exhausted and dizzy after the procedure because of the general anesthesia’s effects. The stitches will be removed 7-10 days after the surgery. Swelling and bruising on the surgical area is also normal, and your breasts will heal. The swelling should subside over the coming weeks.

After the surgery, you may feel that your breasts are too high, but you must keep in mind that your breasts need time to settle. This may take a few weeks. Dr. Cortes will recommend you to wear a surgical bra to provide support to your freshly operated breasts. You should wear the bra for about 2-3 months.

In addition, you should expect a temporary change in or loss of nipple sensation after the wonder breast lift. This is completely normal and you will eventually regain sensation after a few weeks. There are rare cases though wherein the patient may suffer from permanent loss of nipple sensation.


Getting Back to Normal

After the wonder breast lift procedure, it is important for you to be to be very patient after the surgery because healing can take weeks and even months. While you will notice significant improvement in the aesthetic appearance of your breasts immediately after the surgery, the final outcome of the procedure will only appear after the inflammation has subsided and your breasts have completely healed. You will certainly see the improvement in your breast shape over time. Dr. Cortes will provide you with detailed instructions about taking a shower, eating, and activities to avoid after the surgery.

It is possible for you to feel tightness in your breast after the surgery. This is absolutely normal and it will subside as your breast heals and adjusts to the new lifted position. You can start to exercise 3-4 weeks after the surgery, but you should avoid high endurance activities for the first 6 weeks.


The New You

After the wonder breast lift procedure, you will feel as if you’ve gotten breast implants because of how impressive the results are. Your new, raised breasts will look perky and more aesthetically appealing. Keep in mind though that you will get scars on your breasts. Fortunately, even if it is permanent, this will fade over time and should hardly be visible. In the beginning, the scars are red, but after a few year, it will fade away.

Overall, the wonder breast lift produces wonderful results. However, you should understand that aging, gravity and illnesses could make your breasts saggy again.


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