Wonder breast lift and augmentation

Wonder breast lift and augmentation

29th Nov 2016

Pregnancy and weight loss often results in a decrease in breast volume, which then leads to sagging breasts. This is because both can trigger loss of skin tone and weaken the breast’s connection to the muscle, thereby causing the breasts to sag.
Without a doubt, pregnancy brings out aesthetic changes in a woman due to the hormones. This is particularly true in regards to your breasts, hence using the wonder breast lift with augmentation can effectively restore your pre-pregnancy breasts. Also, this procedure will make it fuller, perkier, and more projected. Combining these two plastic surgery procedures certainly delivers impressive results.
Compared to other breast enhancement procedures, Dr. Cortes’ wonder breast lift with augmentation is a tested and proven method that will help you regain and even revamp your breasts.

Traditional Breast Lift with Augmentation vs. the Wonder Breast Lift with Augmentation

The wonder breast lift with augmentation is different from the traditional breast lift. The wonder lift with augmentation is performed through a unique technique that delivers sustainable aesthetic outcomes. Remember, selecting the right implant is the key to achieving your aesthetic goals through the wonder breast lift with augmentation. Choosing a perfectly sized and shaped breast implant and combining it with a breast lift, not only adds projection and volume to your breasts, but also resolves your breast sagging issue. In addition, this wonderful technique will make your breasts perkier and curvier.
Another great thing about this procedure is that it prevents conditions wherein the implant bottomed out after weight loss. The reason for this is Dr. Cortes uses suture suspension to avoid implant bottoming out during the recovery period.
On the other hand, in a traditional breast lift, only feeble skin cover is used to keep the implant intact. As a result, this often leads to implant rippling because the implant is not fully supported.

Who is the best candidate for the wonder breast lift with augmentation?

If your breasts have lost volume and have become saggy after pregnancy or weight loss, you may qualify for the wonder breast lift with augmentation. The disadvantage of the traditional approach is that it only lifts the breasts, making them appear smaller, whereas in the wonder breast lift with augmentation, it ensures that your breast volume is also restored.
Women suffering from asymmetrical breasts may also qualify for the wonder breast lift with augmentation. However, if your breast volumes are different in addition to the breast asymmetry, this procedure is not the best option for you.


Your consultation

Before your consultation with Dr. Cortes, we strongly encourage you to watch the educational videos on his YouTube channel drwilbertocorteslive. This will give you an idea about the procedure and allow you to properly prepare your questions.
Dr. Cortes will examine your breasts during the initial consultation. This includes conducting the following measurements on:

  • Your nipple, areola complex, and breast mound
  • Your chest dimension
  • The area from the nipple to the breasts’ inner crease
  • The area between the nipple and the sternal notch
  • Your breast volume and any asymmetry in your breasts
  • The width of your breasts


All of these factors are important in ensuring that the procedure will produce the best possible outcomes. For example, since the results of the wonder breast lift with augmentation also depend on the breast implant size, it is important for Dr. Cortes to measure the width of your breasts. The findings will then be used to choose an appropriate implant for you. During the process, you will get a chance to try some breast implant sizers in order to demonstrate how it will look like after the surgery.
Aside from that, Dr. Cortes will also carefully assess your overall body composition, chest dimension, and other factors to help choose the most suitable breast implant for you. This is because even if you already had a certain implant in mind, your chest and body composition may not be able to accommodate it.
It is important to keep in mind that you are going for a breast lift because your breasts have become saggy and you want to correct this issue. Thus, using a large implant defeats the purpose because it makes your breasts sag after the procedure. Moreover, large implants require bigger incisions, resulting in bigger scars. This can also trigger back pain and discomfort, which is why big boobs does not mean better.
Dr. Cortes will also thoroughly evaluate your health and medications history during the initial consultation. Women above 50 years old will be required to get a mammogram to ensure that they do not have breast cancer.

Surgical risks

Just like with all other surgical procedures, breast lift with augmentation comes with a range of risks and potential complications. General surgery risks include the body’s adverse reaction to the general anesthesia, possible infections, seroma, excessive bleeding and hematoma. If any of the breast implants contract infection, you will be required to have it removed through another surgery.
Because of this, the scars will most likely be bigger due to the revision surgery. This may then lead to bottoming out of the implant, which can make your breasts appear asymmetrical.
Not to worry, all these risks and potential complications will be discussed with you in detail when you meet with Dr. Cortes. In general, one of the most effective ways to minimize risks and complications is to choose the most suitable implant size for you. Remember, the bigger the implants, the more potential complications you may suffer from.


Location where your surgery will be performed

The surgery will be performed at the Houston Northwest Medical Center. Dr. Cortes will put you under general anesthesia, which will be administered by a Board-Certified anesthesiologist. The wonder breast lift with augmentation is a major surgery that requires about 2-3 hours. But then again, this also depends on the degree of your breast sagginess.
You may be allowed to go home within the same day so long as the doctor deems you healthy. However, if other procedures like tummy tuck or liposuction have been performed in combination with the wonder breast lift and augmentation, you will be required to spend the night in the hospital.

The Surgery

The approach Dr. Cortes will use to lift your breast depends on the extent of your breast sagginess. For women who have nipples off by around 2-3 centimeters, Dr. Cortes will make a minor cut with the incision placed around the areola.
On the other hand, if the breast sagging is above 4 centimeters, Dr. Cortes will perform the wonder breast lift and augmentation. Through this approach, the incision will run around the areola, go down and end with a flat short branch to the edge. Take note that Dr. Cortes does not use anchor or inverted T incisions because they result in bad and very visible scarring.
In general, the surgery begins with Dr. Cortes examining your breasts. The implant size would have already been decided before the surgery. If one of your breasts is smaller, it will get a relatively large implant. Dr. Cortes will use an implant sizer to measure the other breast’s volume to ensure that the obvious asymmetry is resolved.


Next, an incision will be created in order to insert the implant into the breasts. The implant will be placed in the submuscular area. When the implant is finally positioned in the breast pocket, Dr. Cortes will perform a skin excision to remove the surplus skin. This will produced well-projected, raised breasts.


What to Expect After Your Surgery?

It is normal to have swelling in the breasts after the wonder breast lift with augmentation procedure. You will also notice a change in nipple sensation, which will gradually become normal. With that said, there is a risk of permanent change in nipple sensation. In rare cases, there is also a risk of permanent loss of nipple sensation.
You may experience mild pain and discomfort after the surgery, but will be easily managed through pain relief medications. The bruising and swelling will eventually subside in a few months. You can expedite the healing process through breast exercises and massages, but only after your stitches have been removed in a week’s time.
Dr. Cortes may recommend you to wear a support bra after the surgery. This will ensure proper and quick healing of your breasts as well as prevent potential complications. You can start to do your routine activities within 3-4 weeks after the surgery, but you should make sure to rest for the first10 days at least. You should be able to resume work after 12 days.


In regards to sex after the surgery, Dr. Cortes and his staff will provide you complete instructions on this. The patients tend to feel exhausted and unenergetic for the first two weeks after the surgery. Doing some exercises can help restore your energy.


Getting Back to Normal

At first, you may think the implants are residing too high, but don’t worry because the implants just need time to settle. In some women, it may even take months. As for scarring, this is simply unavoidable with any surgery and the wonder breast lift with augmentation is no exception. The good thing is that the scars fade over time. However, it is also important for the patient to understand that if a severe breast lift procedure was performed, the scars will be much longer.
Patients are advised to use support bra or a regular bra after the wonder breast lift and augmentation surgery. Remember, a breast lift does not mean you no longer need breast support. The bra will help you prevent any breast sagging in future. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the breast lift cannot stop breast changes resulting from aging, gravity, weight fluctuation or other factors.

The New You

After the surgery, you will notice that your breasts have become fuller and perkier. It normally takes a few weeks or months for the implants to settle and for the full results to appear, but you should immediately see a new and improved you.


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