Wonder breast reduction

Wonder breast reduction

03rd Jul 2016

Developed by Dr. Cortes, the wonder breast reduction is a surgical approach to reduce the size and volume of large breasts. Women with extremely large breasts experience a number of problems like decreased self-esteem, back pain, discomforts in the shoulder, transpiration of the skin under the breasts and respiratory issues. Many women with very large breasts often want to reduce their breast size.

The wonder breast reduction method has been developed to do just that. It can easily resolve problems associated with macromastia or extremely large breasts. The procedure involves removing surplus fat and skin from the breasts, thus reducing their size. After the procedure, you will feel healthier and energized.


The Wonder breast reduction versus a traditional breast reduction

You will come across a number of plastic surgery procedures and other methods that claim to reduce your breast size and volume. However, the results may not always be similar to the results you will get with the wonder breast reduction. While the traditional breast reduction procedure may decrease your breast volume, it may not enhance your breast shape. This means that with the traditional approach, you may still likely suffer from poor self-image even after breast surgery because it doesn’t quite give your breasts a pleasing shape. True, the discomforts and pains will be decreased but the appearance and shape of your breasts would not look aesthetically appealing.

Since the traditional breast reduction approach depends on the skin envelope to keep your breast shape, the results may not be long lasting since the breast tissue is at risk of sagging and bottoming out. This can happen even weeks after the surgery. The wonder breast reduction resolves this problem by virtually recreating the breasts, not only through reduction of the breast size and volume, but reshaping it to retain the upper fullness and reconstructing weakened structures and ligaments in the breast. It offers an all-inclusive solution to enhancing and contouring your breasts to create a more desirable and well-proportioned silhouette.

Undoubtedly, Dr. Cortes’ revolutionary method is very effective in giving you the ideal breast shape while eliminating the pain and discomfort associated with very large breasts.


Best candidate for the Wonder breast reduction:

While the breast reduction procedure is designed to improve the aesthetic features of your breast, some women turn to it for relief from the accompanying pain and discomforts associated with very large breasts. The surgery can only be performed after the patient’s breasts have fully developed or until the patient is already feeling significant pain and discomfort. To qualify for the surgery, a patient must be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy, with realistic goals and expectations and full knowledge and acceptance of what can and cannot be done.


Your consultation

Your candidacy for the procedure will be assessed during the initial consultation. Dr. Cortes will examine and measure your breasts to determine how much breast tissue needs to be removed to reduce your breast size. Measurements of the nipple-areolar complex will also be taken and the doctor will ask you questions about your aesthetic goals for the procedure and what improvements you expect after the surgery. There are a number of factors that may affect the results, such as your age, breast size and shape in addition to your skin quality. He will also thoroughly review your full medical history as they form part of the necessary steps that would enable him to ascertain your candidacy for the procedure.


Surgical risk

The wonder breast reduction is a major surgery and while it has an impressive safety record, it still carries some risks. Some of the risks include infections, excessive bleeding, change in breast or nipple sensation, permanent loss of nipple sensation, adverse reaction of your body to the general anesthesia etc. The risks will be discussed with you in detail prior surgery.


Where will your surgery be performed and what type of anesthesia will be used?

The wonder breast reduction procedure will be carried out at the Houston Northwest Medical Center, a leading and modern medical facility in the heart of Houston. Normally, the surgery takes from 3-5 hours depending on the size of your breast and aesthetic goals. General anesthesia will be used during the surgery under the close supervision of a board certified anesthesiologist and aide.


The Surgery

Dr. Cortes does not use the anchor-type incision to perform the wonder breast reduction procedure. He starts by cutting the breast tissue and transposing the nipple-areolar and some tissue to its new location in order to successfully position the nipple in the right place. Next, he will cut some underlying breast tissue in each breast, lifting them to the upper part of the breast to give the alluring fullness and projection at the top. In addition, he will use the muscles of the chest and excess skin to reconstruct the weakened structures and ligaments that will give the necessary support to the new breasts and ensure long lasting effects


What to Expect After Your Surgery

After the wonder breast reduction surgery, you will be required to wear a surgical bra for a few weeks. You will experience some pain and discomforts during the initial days that can be managed with pain relief medications. After one week, your stitches will be removed and you will be able to resume work. Avoid any strenuous activities, especially heavy lifting, for at least one month. The inflammation and bruising will subside within a month, and you will gradually see improvement in your breast shape. Initially, you may feel like the breast is resting higher on your chest. This is quite normal and not a cause for worry because your new breasts need some time to settle. It may even take a few months before you see full results of the surgery.


Getting Back to Normal

Patients are advised to take about two weeks off work for the surgery. You will receive complete instructions for a smooth recovery. Dr. Cortes will instruct you about your diet, medicines and showering after the surgery. You may resume exercise within 2-3 weeks after the surgery but heavy lifting and strenuous activities are not allowed for at least 5 weeks.


Your new body

It will be a new you, with smaller yet alluringly perky and shapely breasts. The pains and discomfort associated with large breasts will be gone. Instead, it feels like breathing new life into old and the boost in confidence and self-esteem is just one of many beneficial effects. The scars will gradually fade away and you will feel even more comfortable and happy with your new wonder breasts.


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