Your guide to travel after breast lift

Your guide to travel after breast lift

23rd Sep 2019



The breast lift is a major plastic surgery procedure. It involves incisions on the breasts and surgical trauma. Many women who get the procedure don’t know how soon they can travel after the surgery and what precautions to take during the travel. Many patients travel to different states, cities, and countries to get the breast lift. It is essential, therefore, to ask the surgeon about flying after the procedure.

Since the breast lift is a traumatic procedure, the patient is required to go through a recovery process. The primary recovery period comprises the first two weeks, whereas complete recovery can take up to six weeks. During the first two weeks, the patient must avoid traveling. Instead, you should stay in the city where your operation was performed and take sufficient rest so that your breasts can heal. 


The breast lift

To understand how soon you can travel after the breast lift, you should first acquaint yourself with how the operation is performed and what it involves. The breast lift is a procedure that is used to treat saggy breasts. Women are incredibly conscious of their physical appearance, and the breasts play an essential role in defining your femininity, body outline, and physical features. 

The breasts become saggy for various reasons. The leading factors that cause breast sagging include pregnancy, weight changes, aging, and gravity. When the breasts become saggy, it also affects the self-esteem of the patient. As such, most women with saggy breasts seek the breast lift. The breast lift has a history of effectively enhancing the breasts. Majority of patients who get the operation report being satisfied with the results.

The goal of the breast lift is to restore your firmer, perky, and sexy breasts. The plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and assess your health during the pre-operative consultation. He will then tell you whether you are a good candidate for the operation. 

During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will first make incisions on your breasts. He will then use the incisions to tighten and repair the weak and separated breast muscles. In the next step, the surgeon will lift the nipples by excising a tiny amount of skin from the upper part of the nipples. Once the nipples are repositioned, the plastic surgeon will remove the surplus skin from the breasts. If your areolas are wider, the doctor will trim the pigmented skin from the edges so that the areola is made smaller.

After removing the extra skin from the breasts, the plastic surgeon will suture and close the incisions. The surgery will be concluded at this point and your recovery will begin. It is vital for the patient to stay in bed and avoid physical movements and activities for two weeks after the procedure. Now, this is the point where the patients wonder whether it is safe for them to travel. 


How soon to travel after breast lift

Now that you know what the breast lift involves and how it is performed, it can be easier for you to decide as to how soon you can travel after the breast lift. It is risky for patients to travel within the first two weeks following the operation. Walking, carrying your baggage, and activities that involve arm movements and pressure on your chest can increase the risks for you during your travel. 

It is also important to keep in mind that the extreme altitude shifts and the strain applied to the breasts during takeoff and landing of the plane can trigger severe cosmetic and health problems. Also, when traveling within the first two weeks, the patient can experience pain and discomforts. If you are going to another city, state, or country for your breast lift, you must share your travel plan with the plastic surgeon even before traveling for the operation. 

Also, discuss your travel plan with the surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. The surgeon will give you instructions as to when you can travel after the breast lift, what discomforts or risks you would be exposed to, and what precautionary measures to take during your travel. It is vital to keep in mind that traveling after the breast lift is not the same as traveling for fun or leisure. You have to be extremely careful when traveling back home after the surgery.

Many women assume that the breast lift is a simple procedure and doesn’t involve any trauma or incisions. The fact is that the breast lift will create post-operative swelling, bruising, and trauma in your breasts. The patient must take enough rest for two weeks so that the body heals correctly. Resting allows your body to concentrate on healing the incisions and recuperating you from the surgical trauma. You must avoid traveling and other physical movements during this time. The first two weeks is a significant milestone in the recovery process. 

If you travel within the first two weeks following the operation, it can expose you to dangers. Besides the altitude pressure problem, there is this risk that travel may lead to splitting of the incisions, which can trigger bleeding, infection, and poor scarring. For example, carrying even minor weight after the surgery can apply strain to your breasts, which can cause wound dehiscence. 

Also, keep in mind that airplanes shelter different forms of diseases, virus, and bacteria because hundreds of people use those planes and you never know what may infect you. Breast lift patients are particularly exposed to these diseases because they have incisions on the breasts. During the first two weeks the incisions have not healed, which can expose you to higher risks of infection when traveling. If you have a weak immune system, you will have even more chances of contracting diseases. 

Moreover, when you take rest during the recovery after the breast lift, it means your body remains inactive. This can expose you to the risk of blood clotting. And if you are flying for more extended hours immediately after the surgery, your risk of blood clotting will double. Some patients can even suffer from deep vein thrombosis, a health condition that happens when a blood clot develops in the body and makes its way to the heart, brain, or lung. It can be life-threatening or causes disability.

After two weeks following the operation, it is generally safe for the patient to travel. However, you must meet with your plastic surgeon before traveling and ask whether it is safe for you to fly back home. If you develop health complications after the surgery, the doctor may advise you to avoid traveling and instead treat the complication you are having. On the other hand, if your healing process is normal and the surgeon is satisfied with your healing pattern, he will allow you to travel. A good plastic surgeon will provide your precautionary measures for flying after the breast lift. 


Precautions for traveling after breast lift

When you finally decide to travel two weeks after the breast lift, you have to take certain precautionary measures and be careful during the travel. To start with, you should choose an exit row or go for the economy plus so that you have sufficient space to sit with comfort. Next, you should not do strenuous activities that can apply strain or pressure on your breasts. Keep in mind that turbulence during the flight can apply pressure to your breasts. Be ready to cope with any turbulence that may happen and keep your breasts safe. 

In case you are traveling for several hours, be sure to get up and take a walk inside the airplane for five minutes every half hour. Doing so will keep your keep your blood flowing and prevent blood clotting. However, do not get up to walk when you feel even mild turbulence. It is also essential to drink enough water during the flight. This will also prevent blood clotting and keep the incisions hydrated. 

It is critical for the patient to wear the surgical compression bras that the surgeon has recommended during the flight. These bras provide extra support to your breasts, warding off pressure and strain to the incisions during the trip. It can also keep you safe from infections and the pressure of turbulence during the flight. If you have a loved one flying with you back home, it would be a great help because he or she would carry your baggage and help you in case of any difficulty. 



Many women travel to different cities, states, and even countries to get the breast lift. The breast lift is a highly invasive operation that entails trauma and risks. However, it can effectively restore your firmer and youthful beasts by removing saggy skin. Many patients wonder when it is safe for them to travel after the breast lift, what problems may happen during the travel, and what precautionary measure to take. In this guide, I have discussed all these aspects of traveling after a breast lift in detail. 


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