Your skin tone and buttock projection

Your skin tone and buttock projection

20th Mar 2017

Your Skin Tone And Buttock Projection

It is very interesting that almost no surgeon talks about how the tightness of your buttocks ultimately will determine the projection that you are going to have. Sure you have gone online, read about buttock augmentation, stories about how much fat was injected in the buttocks, how big the buttocks got, but ultimately the first and foremost important concept that you need to understand is that buttock augmentation depends on your skin tone. So let us talk about the skin tone. Different women and men have different skin tones. The skin tone is crucial when it comes to buttock augmentation. For example, those buttocks that have a very tight skin tone and a buttocks that is a little bit loose is it important, because when we are augmenting the buttocks with fat transfer, ultimately the resistance of the skin will determine the projection that you are going to have. In other words, if your buttock skin is very tight it does not matter how much fat you put in, you can put 800 cc, 900 cc, 1000 cc, the skin is not going to stretch indefinitely. On the other hand, if you skin tone is looser then when you start injecting fat, you can achieve a huge projection and probably inject much less than a 1000 cc. When we think about the skin tone, also we need to take into consideration the attachment between the skin and the muscle below. There is a layer of fat and tissue between the muscle and the skin and sometimes this layer is extremely tight. This is very common and varied by the ethnicity of the patient. For example, if your are very athletic most likely you have very tight skin tone due to the nature of exercising constantly firming your tissue, which results in a tight buttocks. You can see these in body builders and women that exercise a lot. So how do you know if your skin tone is tight? It is easy to essentially grab your buttocks and pinch your buttocks. With this maneuver, I can determine one how thick the fascia of the buttocks. In other words, the fat that is above the muscle and how tight the area. In addition, telltale signs of a looser buttocks are having stretch marks, previous pregnancies, having increase in weight, weight loss, etc. Now, you need to understand that if your buttocks is extremely saggy, that does not mean that your body is going to be extremely big after the surgery. If you have lost massive weight and your buttocks is very saggy, injecting the fat as a matter of fact, is just going to make it look worse. In other words you are going to have a big saggy buttocks. It is important that you visit a plastic surgeon that understands buttocks surgery and how the surgeon relates to the skin tone and the projection that you are going to get. There is no software, photo shop, or anything that is going to be able to determine how big your buttocks is going to be before surgery. Any surgeon that provides you a picture of yourself and shows you an image how you are going to look after surgery is lying. This is absolutely not possible, due to the fact that how the projection works depend on factors like your skin tone, tightness of soft tissue muscle, etc. Before you go to your plastic surgeon, you have to be very realistic of what you can accomplish. Sometimes patients provide me pictures of buttocks that are twenty times the size of what they have, and this is absolutely impossible to achieve with plastic surgery. Make sure that you understand the limitations of the procedure. If your skin tone is very tight you are not going to get a large projection. It does not matter if you use a buttock implant versus fat. Ultimately the resistance of the skin will determine how big your buttock is going to get.

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