3 Main benefits of mastopexy for young patients

3 Main benefits of mastopexy for young patients

03rd Dec 2020


There is no exact age or a recommended moment in your life to make a change in your appearance, especially when that change could change your state of mind and considerably improve your confidence. A breast lift or an augmentation can be done whenever you feel ready and if you feel that this would be the best solution for you. 

Of course, there are some rules to follow, like being at least 18 years old for a lift or a breast augmentation with saline implants, and at least 22 for silicone implants. Also, it would be very dangerous for you to be over 60 years and go through elective surgery. You also might be in very good health, and this kind of procedure might not put such strain on your general state.

What is mastopexy?

Mastopexy is the medical name of breast lift. The target of this operation is to lift the breasts and nipples, therefore improving breast projection and contour, and sometimes even boosting their size. This boost might be done by simply lifting the breast or with the help of small implants. 

The breast lift is not a complicated procedure, so it does not require a lot of time off. This is valid unless you choose to have only a breast lift, but if you want a breast lift and a breast augmentation with implants, then things change. 

The two procedures will be done at the same time, and your recovery will take longer. The breast lift only means that the surgeon will cut off and remove the excess skin causing the sagging of your breasts, and then tighten the surrounding tissues in order to reshape the breasts. Usually, if the amount of sagging is bigger, then the nipples would have also changed their shape. Therefore, during the operation, the surgeon will reshape both the areola and the nipple. If it’s only a lift, then the procedure ends here, but if not, then the surgeon will also insert the implants and only then close the incision with stitches. 

There are various techniques and incision types that can be used for this surgery, and they depend on the degree of sagging, the size and shape of the breasts and of the nipples, and the elasticity of your skin. So, the incision can be made around the areola, vertically down from it to the breast crease, or from side to side along with it (when the degree of sagging is higher).

Mastopexy is usually done in an outpatient facility and under general anesthesia. It takes somewhere around three hours to be done. You will be recommended to have complete rest for 1 to 2 days. You will probably need a week or so off from work, and you will also have to take it slow for this week. Do not lift or do any kind of strenuous activities. 

You might also need to carry some small drains to reduce the amount of fluid produced around your incisions and thus prevent any infection. These drains will be removed at your first check-up with your surgeon two or three days from the operation. You will also experience pain for up to 4 days after the surgery, but your doctor will probably give you some pain medication to help. You will have to wear bandages or dressings for a few days, and you will probably be advised to wear a surgical bra for some time. This will help you in preventing excessive swelling and also to support your breasts. 

The results are usually immediately evident but will be at their final point after the settling of the skin and of the nipples in just a few months. This will not be true if you choose to add implants. For this surgery, it will take a longer time to see the results because implants need to settle. The tissue will relax in time and allow implants to drop to their normal position and become softer. At the beginning, they will feel harder at the touch and they will look stranger, meaning they will have the tendency to be much bigger in the upper pole.

Too young to lift your breasts?

This kind of surgery is usually recommended and seen in older women. This is because at a young age the tissue is much more elastic and has no tendency of drooping or sagging. Ptosis, the term used to define the skin sagging of the breasts, is also a common result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. The glandular tissue gets bigger in order to prepare for milk production, and then after the breastfeeding period is over, it goes back to its normal size. However, the skin will not be able to go back to its original state.

What few people know is that this condition can also appear in younger women. It can be a natural condition, congenital or hereditary, but it can also appear in women who have very large breasts from a young age so the tissue cannot support the weight. It can also happen after significant weight loss. Weight loss can be very beneficial not only to the health of that individual but also to her confidence in her body and the image she projects. Unfortunately, big weight loss comes with skin sagging.

3 main advantages

The breast lift has a lot of advantages especially for young women who consider they need this type of procedure. As they say, it is better sooner than later, because you never know what life has in store for you.

Improved confidence

The first and probably most important advantage of a breast lift at a young age is improved confidence and body image. Being young can sometimes be a burden, especially if you consider yourself not pretty enough. Young people should be sociable, have friends, party, and experience some relationships. All these normal things one would do might probably be restricted to someone who considers they are not attractive or one of their body parts are not okay. 

Even if the mantra is that you should accept yourself no matter how you look, the reality is that very few people can do so. The standards of beauty have been set long ago, and it will probably be centuries until people ignore them. A young woman with saggy breasts will always be forced to wear a support bra. She will be unable to wear tight shirts and be uncomfortable in a bathing suit.

Women with saggy breasts are often considered to be older than they are. A breast lift can only improve the quality of life for young women suffering from this condition. She will be able to wear whatever she wants, and she will not be afraid to show her body.

Reduced breast irritation

Saggy breasts stay tight on your skin. The perspiration that usually forms there together with continuous friction will result in skin irritation. This skin rash can be very uncomfortable and can last for long periods of time. This irritation will cause a lot of stress, pain, and itchiness, and it will also not look very nice.

A healthier life

Sagging breasts can put extreme pressure on the back and neck. This pressure will translate into a pain that can sometimes prevent you from your usual activities. 

Women with ptosis find it hard to exercise, especially if they need to run or jump or do any kind of exercise that results in bouncing breasts. Weight lifting will also be much more difficult, and sometimes some routine everyday activities will also be affected. 

Young women who undergo a breast lift will not only become more confident in themselves and the way they look, but they will become much more aware of their body and shape. Therefore, they will be prone to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly to keep that shape and tonus. Feeling good inside always gives you energy on the outside. When you are down and feeling blue, you want to sleep all the time and never do anything. But when you feel uplifted, you can achieve so much in any domain of your life, and you feel so energized that you can move mountains.


You must be at least 18 years old to get a breast lift. Other than this, there should be nothing holding you back. You are young and have so much life ahead of you than for someone in their 50s. You have so many things to do, see and experience, so don’t let such a small thing hold you back. Get all the information you need. Find a good and certified surgeon and go for it.

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