Are massages required after breast reduction

Are massages required after breast reduction

22nd Jan 2018

Every year, thousands of women around the world undergo breast reduction surgery to reduce the size of their extremely large breasts. When the breasts become too large, they look physically unappealing and lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain for the patient. The breast reduction procedure is a plastic surgery intervention that effectively decreases the size of the breasts by removing the surplus fat, glandular tissue, and skin.

Many patients ask whether massages are required after breast reduction surgery. The fact is that it is not compulsory for breast reduction patients to get massages. However, some problems may trigger the need for massages. Also, there is no doubt that lymphatic drainage massages have many advantages, so if you want to get one, there’s no harm.

When you get breast massages after breast reduction surgery, your breast muscles will be relaxed and your immune system would be strengthened and able to fight off possible infections. Moreover, lymphatic drainage massages can help make the breasts soft and smooth after the surgery.

Studies also indicate that when you get breast massages with the approval of your plastic surgeon, it can even help quicken the healing process, improve the aesthetic results, and reduce the post-operative swelling. Furthermore, it can help prevent seroma and hematoma.

Keep in mind that the lymphatic drainage massage is not a regular massage. It is a special massage technique that is used after surgeries. It involves the use of soft and slow motions and mild pressure. This helps ensure fluids are not built up under the breast skin. It also helps reduce the post-operative pain and discomfort that patients often experience after surgery.

Only one session of the massage is not enough to deliver the benefits explained above. In fact, you would need to get two or three sessions of the massage to see and feel the results. The good news is that the massages after breast reduction can also help reduce post-operative scarring and prevent abnormal scarring.

Keep in mind that you should get the massages only when your plastic surgeon thinks it’s safe and beneficial for you. The surgeon will tell you how long you should wait to get the massage. The doctor will examine your breasts, check how well you are recovering, and take your overall health into account when determining the need to get a massage. Normally, patients are required to wait for 5-6 weeks to get a massage.

Some plastic surgeons think that massage after breast reduction doesn’t provide any benefits. Some even say that it can create unnecessary pain for the patient. It all comes down to your plastic surgeon’s preferences and any problems you are facing that can be solved with breast massages. During the preoperative consultation, be sure to ask the surgeon whether you would need a massage after the surgery and what are its benefits.

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