Breast reduction for comfort and better health

Breast reduction for comfort and better health

28th May 2016

Men may see big breasts as a treat they look for in their female partners, but for the owners of the big breasts, their size can be a true nightmare. Mammary hypertrophy can cause many physical problems for women, from muscular and back pain up to deformation of the spine.

Sometimes, after pregnancy or hormonal imbalances, the mammary glands can develop abnormally, causing the sagging of skin and tissues at the same time. It is very important to know that breasts that weigh too much can affect the spine and can even cause trouble breathing. Big breasts can also alter body posture and lead to skin irritation and infections under the breasts. In cases where a woman’s breast size is negatively affecting her life and health, a breast reduction procedure should be performed without delay to avoid the complications and problems caused by excessively large breasts.

While big breasts are something many women desire, those with naturally ample breasts can attest to the multiple issues that can come with them. It is far from a caprice or a trifle; breast reduction at an early age can prevent serious health conditions.

Further, we have many cases of women in sports who have had breast reductions; without this procedure and the comfort that it brought them, a professional sports career would not have been possible. The famous Romanian tennis player Simona Halep has gone that extra mile to perform the sport she loves and to achieve impressive results. She underwent the breast reduction procedure years ago, and now she is more confident, comfortable, and agile on the court. She is currently WTA number 5, a performance that might have been impossible to dream of without the breast reduction procedure.

Just like her, thousands of women say yes to the breast reduction procedure every day for their comfort and improved health. Also known as reductive mammoplasty, this intervention removes fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts to relieve the discomfort caused by excessive size. The main purpose of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the volume and weight of the breasts. The intervention also lifts the breasts and reduces the dimensions of the areolas when needed.

Is breast reduction surgery for you?

The breast reduction procedure is a very personalized surgery. You are a good candidate for it if you can answer yes to the lines below:

– You are in good physical health.

– You are bothered by the fact that your breasts are too large.

– Your breasts are limiting your ability to perform physical activities.

– You have back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by the weight of your breasts.

– The skin under your breasts is always irritated.

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