Breast reduction to increase mobility

Breast reduction to increase mobility

25th May 2021

If you have overly large breasts, you must feel that your movements are limited and you are uncomfortable doing some of the things that other people are doing effortlessly. This might cause a certain level of frustration, especially if you have had overly large breasts since your teenage years. 

When thinking about big, voluptuous breasts, few people associate them with back, neck and shoulder pain and reduced mobility. Also, few people know that health insurance can even cover for the cost of breast reduction when it is considered to help the patient gain more mobility and an increased quality of life. 

There can be many causes for the overdevelopment of the breasts, which are mostly genetics and hormonal changes. Depending on the factors, the breasts can start their excessive development either when the patient is very young during the development of the mammary gland, or after pregnancy and during menopause. 

Depending on the patient’s lifestyle and physical characteristics, there can be several discomforts associated with having huge breasts. The most important of them all is probably reduced mobility. Overly large breasts can make all movements of the upper body painful, uncomfortable, and unpleasant. This is the reason why a famous tennis player decided to get breast reduction surgery as she considered her D cup breasts to be in the way of her success. As it happens, after getting the surgery she couldn’t be happier with the results, and she even got to be number 1 in the WTA. She mentioned in different interviews how her performance had increased considerably after reducing the size of her breasts. Even one bra cup reduction can determine a significant improvement and increased mobility and comfort for the patient. Simona Halep is not the only celebrity that has undergone breast reduction surgery, and there are many others who have opted for the same procedure, even if the reasons might be different. 

Good mobility is important in performing physical activities and sports, but just as important when you have kids. Many patients looking to undergo breast reduction surgery talk about how uncomfortable it is for them to hold their kids in their arms, to lift them and to play games with them. Kids like to be active and engage in activities like chasing, running, and others, which can be painful, uncomfortable or impossible for women with overly large breasts. Even something as simple as jogging might be a terrible struggle for a woman with overly large breasts. Because of their excessive movement during exercising, the breasts can cause significant pain that might need medication to be alleviated. A woman with overly large breasts running or jogging with her breasts jumping up and down is not very alluring. Undergoing breast reduction surgery can help you increase mobility and eliminate multiple daily discomforts.

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