Can i have a breast reduction during my period?

Can i have a breast reduction during my period?

09th Feb 2020


When it comes to undergoing plastic surgery as complex and delicate as breast reduction, you will see that there are quite a few instructions you need to follow before and after undergoing the procedure. It is during the pre-operative consultation that you will get a chance to voice your concerns and also to receive information about what the procedure entails and how to prepare for it.

Among the recommendations given by most plastic surgeons before undergoing a plastic surgery is to schedule the procedure outside the menstrual cycle. This happens for a few different reasons. First is the discomfort of undergoing surgery when on the period. Then, we need to consider the blood loss that occurs during the procedure that adds to the blood loss already occurring during periods. There are also about the changes to the body and the breasts that can occur during these periods. Some women can be confronted with increased breast sensitivity during periods. The breasts can be fuller, heavier and even more painful, so surgery performed on them at this exact time might be more uncomfortable and associated with a more intense pain. 

Some women can also experience cramping during periods and might even have to take medication to feel better. If this is the case, make sure to talk about this with your plastic surgeon and schedule your breast reduction surgery accordingly.

Many plastic surgeons prefer to schedule surgery outside the patient’s menstrual cycle for the reasons we discussed above. It might also be easier for the patient not to have this extra worry during the first few days of the recovery period when the level of discomfort can be higher and there might also be a pain on the breasts. 

Some women experience irritability during periods or before having their period, and if this is your case, the recommendation is to have the procedure scheduled after having your period. It is also important to mention that patients who are taking birth control medication will need to stop taking the pills a month before the procedure and use other contraceptive methods during this time. 

For your comfort and wellbeing, make sure to schedule your procedure after the menstrual cycle and also make sure you are in top health and emotional condition. This will ensure you have a smooth and fast recovery process and all the chances to get the best results possible. However, if your period comes exactly on the day of the surgery or before, just tell the plastic surgeon about it and chances are he will still go through with the procedure. 


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