Changing your lifestyle after breast reduction

Changing your lifestyle after breast reduction

14th Oct 2019


When considering undergoing plastic surgery, it is important for patients to try to envisage the changes in the lifestyle that will occur after the procedure. While the results of some procedures won’t be significant or visible enough to trigger considerable changes in everyday life, some procedures will come associated with major changes. One of these procedures is breast reduction.

Patients undergoing breast reduction aim to achieve breasts that are more proportionate to the rest of the body, but also increased mobility. So, changing the lifestyle after breast reduction can come naturally for some patients. 


  1.   Fashion style

One thing that will certainly change after getting smaller breasts is the way you dress. Before the surgery, many patients are focused on finding clothing that will make their breasts look smaller or hide them. Moreover, clothing for women with overly large breasts is limited, and the same goes for lingerie. After the breast reduction surgery, many women discover that they can be more adventurous when it comes to their fashion style, mostly because different styles of clothing will now fit them well. After the breasts become proportional to the rest of your anatomy, chances are you will be inclined to look for clothes that compliment your new body shape and breasts. 


  1.   Physical exercise and sports

For women with overly large breasts, physical exercises are a struggle. Just imagine having two big balls hanging from your neck and pressing on your chest non-stop and try exercising with them. It is not comfortable, and it can even be painful. This is the reason why many women with breasts that are overly large avoid physical exercise or sports. After breast reduction surgery, the patient will discover that it is easier and more comfortable to engage in physical activities. Running won’t be a problem anymore or any other type of activity that was an issue to perform before.

It is important for patients undergoing breast reduction surgery to understand that they will need to wear a compression bra or a good quality sports bra all the time while performing physical activities as the breasts need support and a certain level of compression. This will help you sustain the beautiful results of your procedure for longer. 

Make sure to ask the plastic surgeon’s advice before resuming exercise after breast reduction surgery as you need to wait a few weeks before doing so. Moreover, resuming physical exercise should be done slowly and gradually over the course of a few months post-op to make sure you don’t trigger unwanted complications.

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