Chin Implants Done the Right Way in Houston

Chin Implants Done the Right Way in Houston

12th Feb 2013

If you feel that there’s something amiss with your face and you can’t readily pinpoint exactly what or where, then maybe the problem is found in your chin. Next to the eyes, the jaw line and cheekbones are considered the most influential in affecting your overall facial feature. The aesthetic concern in the chin area, though, is not something that is immediately taken notice of. This is so as the allure surrounding the chin area has this sort of subtle yet pervading way of accentuating your facial appearance. That’s why if you have a small or recessed chin, then Houston somehow you got a problem!

The great thing, however, is that there’s an effective solution to it through a chin implants surgery (otherwise known as mentoplasty) in the Houston Clinic of Dr. Wilberto Cortés. Due to his keen attention to details and passionate drive to excel in plastic surgery, Dr. Cortés performs chin surgeries with very high patient satisfaction. If you are thinking whether or not mentoplasty is right for you, consulting the surgeon personally is the most advisable thing to do.

The chin implants surgery, if done properly, can add fullness and definition to your face. It is especially intended for men and women with small chin, weak jawline or undefined cheekbones. With an enhanced chin through mentoplasty, you will very likely achieve a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance with a distinct character to your face. Dr. Cortés will, of course, take into consideration your gender, facial profile and particular cosmetic aspiration. The experienced surgeon will endeavor to provide you with an appearance that is well-proportioned, defined and natural-looking.

Chin surgery is a relatively fast and safe procedure to perform: normally lasting 30 minutes to 1 hour and usually utilizing general anesthesia. To fully achieve balanced facial proportions, Dr. Cortés often performs mentoplasty in conjunction with rhinoplasty/nose surgery. There are also cases when he will recommend a chin surgery together with a facelift or neck lift. Nevertheless, any surgical operation performed by Dr. Cortés prioritizes on personal care and satisfaction. No surgery can be done without your explicit approval to it. During the one-on-one consultation, be direct and honest with Dr. Cortés regarding your surgical goals and expectations.

Schedule a personal talk with Dr. Cortés by calling us at (713) 234-6244. You may also contact us for reservations via this online form.

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