Criteria for breast reduction to be medically necessary

Criteria for breast reduction to be medically necessary

28th Jul 2019


Breast reduction surgery is very rarely performed just for aesthetic purposes. Most women who have overly large breasts are confronted with considerable inconveniences and even health conditions caused by the excessive size and volume of their breasts. This is also the reason why this procedure is sometimes supported by health insurance.

Generally speaking, the procedure is considered medically necessary when the life of the patient is negatively affected because of the size of her breasts. This often means that the breasts are over 500 grams each and present a real issue for the normal development of the patient’s life and/or her health condition. 

Before resorting to plastic surgery to reduce the size of the breasts, most women suffering because from this condition will have consultations with other doctors. This is due to the back, neck, and shoulder pain that can become chronic and difficult to live with on a daily basis. Dermatological conditions can occur on the inframammary fold and they will be usually difficult to treat because of the lack of air flow in the area. This means that the patient might have recurring rashes or irritations, and even worse cases of dermatitis under the breasts. Another reason for consulting the doctor and looking for treatment might also be difficulties in breathing that will turn out to be also caused by the excessive size of the breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is recommended for medical reasons for patients who are unable to perform normal activities or tasks because of the size of their breasts. The volume of the breasts can also have an impact on the condition of the spine and the body posture of the patient. While body posture can be considered as an aesthetic issue, it is actually caused by a deformation of the spine, hence a very serious medical condition. 

Most patients who are in need of a breast reduction for medical reasons end up being sent to the plastic surgeon’s office by other doctors who have diagnosed the issue. The recommendation of the plastic surgeon will often be to undergo the procedure as soon as possible if the overdevelopment of the mammary gland is extreme as the damages that it can do on the body are difficult to remedy after. This is also the reason why so many teenagers undergo the procedure so as not to have their lives and bodies affected by breast hypertrophy. 

The criteria for breast reduction to be medically necessary can be discussed with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. He will perform exact measurements and ask you to take some tests to rule out potential contraindications to the procedure. If the imagistic tests show that everything is okay with the glandular tissue, the procedure can be scheduled. Make sure to choose an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon for your breast reduction surgery. 

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