Essential Points to Consider When Planning Rhinoplasty

Essential Points to Consider When Planning Rhinoplasty

21st Mar 2013

Planning for your rhinoplasty surgery in Houston is important. Foremost, you must determine if your cosmetic aspirations are doable. You also need to find the most suitable surgeon to perform your nose surgery. Planning will give you an idea how much the procedure will cost, whether or not it is covered by health insurance. Furthermore, you will also find out the pros and cons of the procedure, if your expectations can be met and the duration of recovery.

If you are thinking about undergoing a nose surgery or rhinoplasty, it is more important. In fact, planning for your nose surgery is a crucial step considering that the nose is a facial part that can readily make or break your overall look. In other words, there is no room for any trial and error with a nose surgery.

The first logical step is to know exactly what you want done on your nose. What do you intend for your nose to look? You may choose to redefine the apparent length of your nose – either to increase or reduce it. You may want to adjust the nasal bridge or redefine the nose tip. You may also seek to just enhance the nose angle and shape. Moreover, you should bear in mind that there are specialized nose surgeries for women, men, and those with distinct ethnic features. Once you are clear with your surgical intention, it is time to communicate this to a reliable plastic surgeon like Dr. Wilberto G. Cortés. Set up a personal consultation with Dr. Cortés and discuss with him whether your goal is possible.

The choice of surgeon should be hinged essentially on three things, whether or not the plastic surgeon is (a) Board-Certified; (b) sufficiently trained and experienced to perform rhinoplasty surgeries; and (c) has excellent patient care skills and makes you feel comfortable. You deserve nothing but the most capable surgeon who truly understands your aesthetic needs. And thankfully enough, you have those qualities in Dr. Cortés.

During your consultation with Dr. Cortés, take note of the preparations you have to undertake before surgery and the expected scenarios to go through during and post-surgery. You may be required to undergo mild fasting hours before the actual surgery. It is important to note about post-surgical scenarios so that you will be able to heal fast and safely. You must also take into account when you can go back to your routine activities and work.

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