Factors that cause breast sagginess

Factors that cause breast sagginess

03rd May 2019



Mammary ptosis is the medical term we use to define the sagginess of the breasts that affects all women at a certain point in their lives. Generally speaking, it is a known fact that bigger breasts tend to sag sooner than small or moderate size breasts as their volume will put more tension on the ligaments supporting the breasts, which overstretch them.

Breast sagginess is characterized by the low position on the chest wall of the breasts. The breasts can also have an empty appearance, and also the nipple and areola complex are situated under the level of the inframammary fold and sometimes facing down. There are different levels of breast ptosis, and depending on the severity of the condition there are also different surgical procedures that can be performed to correct it.

The breast lift is the only effective solution to restore the beauty and the elevated position on the chest of saggy breasts. Women confronted with this issue should know that no amount of massages, creams or physical exercises will remove the excess of skin tissue and make their breasts perky and looking full again.

In this article, we will discuss some factors that cause breast sagginess and how to prevent them and also some details about the breast lift.


Factors that cause breast ptosis

Nowadays we have discovered just a few of the factors responsible for breast ptosis, but not all of them. Some of the causes of breast sagginess can be prevented and the ptosis can be delayed, but it is important to understand that the natural aging process will have an impact on the appearance of the breasts eventually, and this brings as to the first factor that causes breast ptosis:


  1.    The natural aging process

The sagginess of the breasts might have multiple causes, but it is a completely natural process that is accentuated with age. Just like all the other parts of the body, the breasts age and this means that a certain laxity of the skin occurs, the ligaments of the breasts relax, and sometimes the patient can even be confronted with a lack of mammary gland atrophy. What women can do is live a healthy and balanced life and avoid any type of excesses and also to take good care of their breasts even from teenage years to delay the occurrence of breast ptosis as much as possible.


  1.    Not wearing a suitable bra

If you have a look online or on forums, you might find yourself in a situation when you don’t know whether you need to burn your bras to avoid breast sagginess or to go to the shop and get more bras. The reality is that breasts need support and the bigger the breasts, the more support they will need. Not wearing a suitable bra can lead to several discomforts such as a bad body posture and the early onset of breast sagginess, especially if the breasts are large.

To find the right type and size of bra for your particular case, make sure to go to a specialized store and ask for an expert’s advice or use online tools that are offered for free that will help you calculate the size and type of bra that you need.

Moreover, wearing a sports bra when exercising or during sports is mandatory. Performing physical activities without wearing a sports bra might be not only uncomfortable but also dangerous for the breasts as most types of bras will have wires for support that could cause accidents or traumas to the breasts while doing sports.


  1.    Multiple pregnancies

You might wonder what pregnancy has to do with breast sagginess. Well, the reality is that it does affect the appearance of the breasts, even much more than breastfeeding does. During pregnancy, the whole body is affected by changes caused by the weight fluctuations and also because of hormonal fluctuations. The breasts and the tummy are the areas of the body where we notice most of the impacts of pregnancy. After one or multiple pregnancies, women can be left with saggy skin not only on the tummy but also the breasts.     


  1.    Smoking

Most people who smoke understand the negative effects of smoking on a person’s health but only to a certain extent. There are few people that really know how smoking affects our bodies. Smoking can be considered one of the factors that causes breast ptosis because due to smoking, the production of elastin is drastically reduced. This means that the person has a poor skin tonus and elasticity, which leads to breast sagginess over time.

If you want to delay the onset of breast ptosis, the recommendation is to cease smoking. Moreover, even if you choose to undergo plastic surgery to correct the breast sagginess such as a breast lift, your plastic surgeon will advise you to stop smoking for at least three weeks before and after the procedure to avoid potential complications and achieve a good result.


  1.    Weight fluctuations

Weight fluctuations can alter the appearance of the body in all its features. Weight gain affects the entire body as the fat cells that suffer an increase in volume when we put on weight are localized all over the body. The increase in the volume of these cells leads to an increase in body mass and automatically in the skin tissue that covers the body. Due to the stretching to accommodate the excess weight, the skin gets thinner and thinner, and skin conditions such as cellulite and stretch marks can also occur.

If weight loss occurs after this, the fat cells will decrease their volume and the body mass will be reduced. But the skin that was stretched to accommodate the surplus of kilograms can’t retract on the new contours of the body. This means that after weight gain and weight loss, the patient will be left with a considerable amount of skin tissue that is sagging. This affects different parts of the body in a different manner. The skin envelope of the breasts is very thin and delicate, and this means that it is one of the areas most affected by weight fluctuations.


Breastfeeding and breast ptosis

While there are still women who tend to believe that if they don’t breastfeed, they can avoid breast sagginess, there are multiple studies showing that breastfeeding is not necessarily associated with an increased level of sagginess. In other words, breast ptosis doesn’t occur while breastfeeding, but it is associated with the pregnancy period and the weight fluctuations that occur during pregnancy can influence the ulterior appearance of the breasts. If breastfeeding is not a cause of breast sagginess, it can definitely cause other imperfections of the breasts such as breast asymmetries that can occur as a result of breastfeeding preponderantly from one breast.

However, when considering the breast lift to correct the saggy appearance of the breasts, the recommendation is to schedule your procedure after you know you are done having children as an ulterior pregnancy can alter or have an impact on the results achieved with the breast lift.

If you were wondering whether it is safe to get pregnant after undergoing the breast lift, you should know that the general recommendation is to wait at least a year or two to allow the breasts to recover from the surgical trauma of the procedure. Aside from the aesthetic damage that could be caused by an ulterior pregnancy, there is no danger for the mother or the baby if you get pregnant again after the breast lift.



Breast sagginess is a condition that ends up affecting all women sooner or later. It is not completely avoidable, but knowing the factors that cause it could help delay the onset of mammary ptosis. Saggy, empty breasts are often associated with old age, but also with multiple pregnancies. Smoking can also have an impact on the appearance of your breasts and cause early breast ptosis due to poor skin tonus. Not wearing a suitable and supportive bra can also cause breast sagginess. Breasts need a certain level of compression and support depending on their size and volume. Wearing a bra that is good for you can help you delay the signs of breast ptosis until later on in life. Wearing a sports bra while exercising is mandatory for both women who had breast enhancement procedures or not.

The breast lift is the only safe and efficient method that can be used to correct breast ptosis. Keep in mind that even in the case of perky breasts achieved with the help of plastic surgery, gravity, the passing of time, and the other factors that cause breast sagginess will have an effect again.

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