How to get rid of man boobs

How to get rid of man boobs

23rd Feb 2018

A man’s chest is highly different from a woman’s breasts. In some cases, a man can develop man boobs. Man boobs can result from the accumulation of fat in the chest area, and it can also result from the enlargement of the breast tissues due to hormones. Either way, having man boobs can psychologically affect the well-being of a man who develops it.

If the man boobs are only due to the accumulation of fat (also called pseudodogynecomastia), the man can refrain from having larger breasts and shrinking it by exercising and going through a diet. When the body loses fat, it loses fat from all areas of the body, including the chest. When there is less fat, the fat in the man’s chest will also disappear.

Gynecomastia, on the other hand, due to the growth of breast tissues. This is affected by the different hormones in the body. This is the reason why many teenage boys can have man boobs, but they eventually disappear. During puberty, the hormones are still not balanced and the levels are still changing. Once it stabilizes, the man boobs you see as a teenager will eventually disappear.

Similarly, gynecomastia can also occur in men who are past the pubertal stage. In older men, the man boobs due to the growth of the breast doesn’t correct on its own unless an intervention is done. Some fix this by making sure their hormones are well balanced. Some may even take medication that helps correct the man boobs. If all their efforts fail, they can decide to go through surgery.

Breast reduction surgery in males is also a common solution for those who have gynecomastia. This solution works because it physically corrects the problem. The man boobs can be corrected through liposuction or by excision of breast tissues.

If fat is the main cause of man boobs, liposuction is a suitable solution. In this procedure, only a small hole is created and used. This small hole enables the cannula to be inserted in the body, and it sucks out all the excess fat. The liposuction sculpts the chest into a more masculine looking one. Liposuction only leaves a small scar, although the area it can cover is much greater.

Another surgical way to correct man boobs is the surgical removal of the tissues. An incision will be made near the armpit so the scar will be hidden. Sometimes, the incision is made in the areola where it wouldn’t be as obvious. When surgery to correct man boobs is used, it is advised to avoid excess movements of the arms and chest.

Although surgery is an effective solution when it comes to correcting the presence of man boobs, it is still avoided as much as possible because it is an invasive procedure. Another reason is that the surgery can be costly too. If you have man boobs, it is best to try out other non-invasive ways first before undergoing surgery.


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