How will the use of birth control pills affect breast reduction?

How will the use of birth control pills affect breast reduction?

25th Mar 2018

If your breasts are overly developed and you want to reduce them by undergoing the breast reduction surgery, you need to meet the eligibility requirements for the surgery. You must choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Be certain to read reliable sources and make a judicious decision.

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will examine your breasts, assess your health, and know your goals. Based on the findings, your eligibility for the surgery will be determined. The doctor will also ask whether you are taking any medications. The doctor will also ask you if you are taking birth control pills.

Breast reduction surgery is a major and highly invasive intervention. The procedure involves removal of the excess skin, fat, and tissue from the breasts. As such, you must listen carefully to the surgeon and follow his instructions. The surgeon may advise you to stop taking birth control pills a few weeks before the surgery.

Whether you will be required to stop birth control pills also depends on your physical health condition. Keep in mind that many studies have already found a linkage between birth control pills and deep vein thrombosis during invasive procedures. It means you may experience health complications if you are taking birth control pills when undergoing breast reduction surgery.

Deep vein thrombosis is a health complication that is marked by blood clotting. It occurs when the blood becomes clotted within the veins. Deep vein thrombosis can be life-threatening or it may lead to permanent disability. According to one study, patients who use birth control pills when undergoing breast reduction surgery are at higher risk of deep vein thrombosis. Keep in mind that birth control pills have a great concentration of estrogen that leads to blood clotting.

Remember, depending on your health and the medicines you are taking, the plastic surgeon may want to collaborate with your primary doctor when assessing your candidacy for the surgery. This is particularly possible if the patient is more likely to get pregnant before the surgery. You cannot undergo surgery when pregnant. It is important to do everything to prevent you from getting pregnant before the procedure.

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