I am not satisfied with the results of breast reduction. what do i do now?

I am not satisfied with the results of breast reduction. what do i do now?

17th Feb 2018

Undergoing plastic surgery comes associated with certain risks, and one of them is not getting the results you desire. This is always a risk when choosing plastic surgery, and the patient should understand and accept this. There are many reasons why you might be unsatisfied with the results, especially when performed on a delicate and sensitive area such as the breasts.

The most common causes of getting unsatisfactory results are choosing a plastic surgeon that is not overly experienced in performing the procedure, inability to clearly explain your goals to the plastic surgeon, and also complications that occur during the recovery process that alter the results.

We have discussed some of the reasons why patients might get unsatisfactory results after breast augmentation surgery; now let’s see how these results might look like. A common thing that could happen after breast reduction surgery is for the breasts to be asymmetric. Of course, the patient should know that perfect symmetry is not achievable and shouldn’t be the goal of the intervention. Breast asymmetries can often occur after breast reduction surgery, especially if a considerable amount of mammary tissue was removed. If this is the case, you should know that breast asymmetry can be corrected by undergoing an additional procedure that should be scheduled only after the results of the initial intervention are final. Moreover, only a severe asymmetry should be corrected; any slight differences between the breasts that are not noticeable to the untrained eye should not be addressed surgically.

Another reason for patient dissatisfaction might be the final size of the breasts. Sometimes patients believe they will end up with breasts of a certain size, only to end up with breasts that are larger or smaller than expected. Once again, this can occur due to a lack of proper communication. When this result occurs, it is important to ask the opinion of another surgeon: are you breasts really as small/big as you see them? Sometimes different expectations can make the results look unsatisfactory even when they are perfectly fine by industry standards. You can discuss this issue with the plastic surgeon and decide together if an additional intervention is required or not. Generally speaking, when it comes to the size of the breasts after reduction, a full C cup is often the standard and the most sought after bra cup size.

Another important mention that we should make is the right time to assess the results. It is important to wait at least six months after the procedure before deciding if you are satisfied with the results. Seek help to correct the results only a year after the procedure was performed.

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