Is it worth the trouble to get a breast reduction?

Is it worth the trouble to get a breast reduction?

16th Jun 2019


Breast augmentation surgery is definitely the most sought-after procedure on the breasts, and women from all over the world achieve their dreams of having larger, fuller breasts by undergoing this procedure. However, the exact opposite procedure, breast reduction, is also in high demand for women with naturally overly large breasts.

When talking about large breasts, it can be difficult to understand what big, beautiful breasts are and what is called excessively large breasts that would require surgery to be corrected. Generally speaking, for most women, anything over a D bra cup size could be too much, depending on the rest of the patient’s anatomy.

Overly large breasts are associated with multiple discomforts, and even the simplest activities can be a struggle for women who have to carry such a burden on their chest every single day. This is the reason why health insurance sometimes supports the cost of the procedure. This happens when the excessive size of the breasts is considered to prevent the patient from living a normal life and can also trigger permanent damage such as spine deformations and an abnormal body posture.

The procedure is performed on patients of different ages, even on teenagers. Most plastic surgeons would advise their patients to wait until their breasts are fully developed before undergoing breast reduction surgery just to make sure that the results are final and there will be no further development of the mammary gland after the procedure.

I have patients coming to my practice and asking about breast reduction surgery, and one of the questions I often hear is if it is worth the trouble to get a breast reduction. For someone who has never been confronted with having overly large breasts, it could be difficult to imagine what life is like for women who have breasts that are just too big for their anatomy. Just a few of the discomforts associated with overly large breasts are back, neck, and shoulder pain, difficulties in breathing, and dermatological conditions that can occur persistently on the inframammary fold. Moreover, girls and women with excessively large breasts will often avoid physical activities and exercises. As a result, weight gain can occur and affect the life of the patient even more.

There are other more severe complications that can occur as a result of having overly large breasts such as spine deformations. This is why it is important to undergo the procedure as soon as possible in severe cases of hypertrophy so the size and weight of the breasts won’t leave a permanent mark on their lives.

Even patients with smaller breasts, such as a D cup, can choose to undergo the procedure if they want to pursue a career in sports.


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