Minimal Risk Nose Surgery – Houston Rhinoplasty

Minimal Risk Nose Surgery – Houston Rhinoplasty

06th Jul 2012

The nose may be considered the most conspicuous appendage to a human face. A person’s overall appearance may be enhanced, altered or damaged significantly by how the nose looks. However, the appearance of the nose is relative: there is no such thing as “ugly nose” per se. What may be a good-looking nose for some people may not be the same case for another group of people. Still the same, in a world where physical appearance is of great consequence, it is not surprising that nose surgery is a very popular cosmetic procedure. In fact, it is estimated that about 400,000 Americans undergo this surgery per year.
The most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the U.S. is not only intended for cosmetic purposes. Rhinoplasty, as it is known medically, is also undergone to correct patients experiencing breathing problems because of their nose structure or shape. It is also utilized for patients with congenital nasal defects and those who failed in their first foray with rhinoplasty. However, the reality is that a much larger percentage of rhinoplasty patients would go for the procedure in order to improve their look. There is no single aim for this surgery because it depends on the facial features and goals of each patient. The general goal, though, is to improve or enhance the nose features that need fixing.

Nose surgery cuts through all nose issues that deal with length, shape, symmetry and even the total balance between the nose and the other features of the face. Specifically, the enhancement may have to do with the shape and length of the bridge, nostrils and tip of the nose. This aim for a balanced facial appearance is quite a tall order for a cosmetic surgeon. This is so as the final result should remain natural-looking and that the redefinition of the nose would pave the way in highlighting the patient’s best facial features.

The colloquially termed nose job is not a modern invention. It has been practised since the antiquity days (first reported practice: India). But since that time, of course, various technological innovations and methodologies have already made it a much efficient and effective surgery. This is the reason why rhinoplasty, while it is still considered major surgery, is no longer as high-risked. Share your nose concerns with topnotch surgeon Dr. Wilberto G. Cortés. With a clinic in Houston, he specializes in the most advanced techniques in plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty. You may set up an appointment with him through this form.

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