Lifestyle Changes to Treat Spider Veins

Lifestyle Changes to Treat Spider Veins

20th May 2014

Spider veins are unsightly and may cause discomfort. These veins are not just ugly to look at, but they can also affect your confidence and prevent you from wearing certain clothes. They can also prevent you from performing routine tasks, especially when they begin to hurt or cause your legs to swell. Rather than enduring all these, you might as well seek spider vein treatment. Here at RejuVenus Aesthetics, we offer spider vein laser treatment in Houston with the use of el’s technology.

Aside from laser treatment, we also encourage patients to change their lifestyle to help treat spider veins.

Sitting and Standing

  • Give your feet a break. Do not stand for long periods of time and be sure to find time to sit and relax.
  • Do not sit for a very long time. Like standing, it does not help to sit for hours. Take breaks every 30 minutes or so.
  • Sit properly. Do not cross your legs when sitting as this can affect blood flow to your lower extremities. Raise the legs when sitting or even when sleeping. It is also important for the legs to be raised above the level of the heart.

Physical Activities

  • Keep your legs moving by engaging in physical activities. This helps improve your muscle tone and blood flow to the veins.
  • Exercise regularly to improve circulation and fight obesity. Losing weight eases pressure on the veins and improves blood flow.


  • Do not wear tight-fitting clothes. Clothes that are tight around the legs, waist, and upper thighs impede blood flow. They can also worsen your spider veins.
  • Avoid using high heels. Go for lower-heeled shoes instead as they help in toning calf muscles.

Compression Stockings

Those who want to treat spider veins conservatively can make use of compression stockings. These stockings apply gentle pressure to your legs. The pressure prevents pooling of blood and reduces swelling.

Spider Vein Laser Treatment with El?s

El?s makes use of combined energies to reduce the appearance of spider veins effectively. It is a safe and effective treatment that can treat spider veins on the face and lower body. Improvements can be seen after a single laser treatment. Maximum clearance is usually achieved after 1 to 3 treatments depending on the severity and depth of the vascular lesions.

To learn more about treating spider veins, give us a call today at 713-234-6244. We would love to help you diminish spider veins and give you your confidence and comfort back. We look forward to hearing from you!

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