Main causes of breast sagginess

Main causes of breast sagginess

18th Jun 2021

Did you know that even something as simple as wearing the wrong type of bra can cause breast sagginess? This might sound strange as the main purpose of a bra is to prevent breast sagginess and give the breasts a nice appearance and enough support. 

There are several and different causes of breast sagginess. Breast sagginess affects women of different ages and in different ways. The main causes of breast sagginess are related to wearing an unsuitable bra, weight fluctuations, smoking, sun exposure, weight fluctuations, an abnormal body posture, and the lack of proper exercise.

We all know that it is impossible to fight the passing of time, and sooner or later with aging, the appearance of the body will change, including the breasts. But when these changes occur early in life, women in their 30s who are affected with breast ptosis can develop real emotional complexes. While not all the factors causing breast sagginess can be avoided, it is important to know about them and do what we can to prevent them. 

–    Wearing the wrong type of bra

This can lead to breast sagginess as the breasts don’t get enough support and compression. Women with breasts that are on the bigger size should be even more careful when choosing their bras as it is known that big breasts have a tendency to sag compared to breasts that are smaller. For large breasts, the bra should not only have the right bra cup and band size, but also the straps and band should be wide enough to be supportive.

–    Smoking

Smoking can have a bad effect on a person’s health from different points of view. However, when it comes to the delicate structure of the breasts, it has been proven that they are especially more affected by smoking due to the lack of proper blood oxygenation in the area. 

–    Weight fluctuations

One of the factors that can considerably damage the breasts is weight fluctuations. The delicate skin envelope of the breasts will stretch when weight gain occurs but will fail to tighten on the new contours of the breasts once weight loss occurs. Hence, saggy breasts occur with an excess of skin. 

–    Sun exposure

Excessive sun exposure can damage the breasts and cause breast sagginess. Sun exposure affects the skin on the breasts and can make it very dry, and this is the reason why it is recommended to always wear sunscreen, even during less sunny days, to avoid damage to the breasts. 

–    Not exercising and abnormal body posture

While physical exercises can’t do much to enhance overly small, overly big, or saggy breasts, the sagginess of the breasts can be accentuated if the woman doesn’t exercise and has an abnormal body posture. An arched back is a sure way to get saggy breasts early in life, and this is very common for teenagers with overdeveloped breasts. 

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