Mission: To Get Ideal Results from Brazilian Butt Lift

Mission: To Get Ideal Results from Brazilian Butt Lift

05th Jan 2013

Houston Brazilian Butt Lift & AugmentationButt enhancing surgical procedures are generally accepted nowadays as ready treatments for problematic – in terms of shape, size or form – buttocks. One reason for the increasing popularity of these surgeries is because today’s technology and medical knowledge have never been as advanced. Another factor is the glowing recommendations from the media regarding these surgeries, like what was typified in the TV drama series Nip Tuck. But the road to better buttocks is not without potential bumps and cautionary tips. If you are planning to have butt enhancements, bear in mind these information tidbits.

Gel implants and fat transfer are two main surgical methods to improve butt contour. But like any body aesthetic issues, you should first exhaust natural ways (such as dieting and exercising) before thinking of undergoing a surgical operation. While gel implant and fat transfer have their respective strengths, fat transfer or brazilian butt lift is often seen as the better procedure for its potential dramatic results. For one thing, fat transfer procedure involves removal of fat from one area of your body and transferring that same fat to another area. Specifically, the brazilian lift surgery involves liposuction of unwanted fat from your abdomen, back or thighs, then the extracted fat will be injected into the gluteal area (that region containing most of your buttock muscles).

But brazilian butt lift is not as simple as it sounds on paper. In fact, the said surgery requires both impressive surgical skills and keen sense of aesthetics (in other words, artistry) from the plastic surgeon who will perform your butt procedure. For one thing, the extracted fat shall be harvested and injected at the same time because it won’t last that long. The whole butt lift procedure also involves a combo of techniques to ensure the success of your delicate cosmetic goals and to achieve long-lasting results. In short, make it a point to select a highly capable plastic surgeon, like Dr. Wilberto G. Cortés. Dr. Cortés is a Board-Certified Facial and Body Plastic Surgeon who is based in Houston, Texas.

The best way to find out if you need to undergo a fat transfer procedure on your buttocks is to set a personal meeting with Dr. Cortés. You can do so by calling us at (713) 234-6244 or dropping by our Online Schedule Reservation.

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