Motivation to undergo breast reduction

Motivation to undergo breast reduction

28th Oct 2019


When it comes to resorting to plastic surgery to correct the appearance of the body, many people do it to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, this is almost never the main motivation for patients undergoing breast reduction surgery. More than an aesthetic issue, overly large breasts can trigger severe pain that is also persistent. Women with breasts that have a volume excessively large compared to the rest of their anatomy can find it difficult to deal with the constant back, neck and shoulder pain. Some start avoiding many activities that involve even the slightest amount of physical effort just because it can turn out to be painful and incredibly uncomfortable for them. Just imagine doing everyday activities with two stones hanging from your neck, their weight combined reaching even up to 5 kg or more. This is how it feels for women with overly large breasts and also one of the main motivations to undergo breast reduction surgery.

The motivation to undergo breast reduction surgery is more about increased functionality than about achieving a more aesthetic body appearance. Aside from this, there are many patients who resort to this procedure because they want to be active in sports and it can be difficult or completely impossible to achieve performance in this field while struggling with excessively large breasts. This is the reason why quite a few professional athletes have undergone the procedure in the past.

After breast reduction surgery is performed, women will find it easier to engage in sports activities and also perform physical exercises such as running or jogging that were painful and uncomfortable before. So keeping fit and active is another motivation to undergo breast reduction. The lack of physical activity for a long period of time can result in low muscular tonus and an accumulation of fat deposits in different parts of the body. Moreover, there are health conditions that can develop in time as a result of a sedentary lifestyle. In many cases, women with overly large breasts are sentenced to a sedentary lifestyle, and there is little they can do about it unless they decide to resort to breast reduction surgery.

Some women with excessively large breasts are confronted with dermatological conditions on the inframammary fold. Because of the lack of oxygenation and the skin on skin permanent contact, rashes and irritations can develop. The real problem here is that they are difficult or impossible to treat as the treatment of dermatological conditions often requires the area to be always clean and dry, and this is impossible when it comes to the inframammary fold for women with overly large breasts.

Another motivation to undergo breast reduction can also be improving body posture. Due to the excessive volume of the breasts, the patient can develop an improper body posture over time, with the shoulders low and pulled forward. This can affect the whole body image and also trigger health conditions. 


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