My parents want me to get a breast reduction

My parents want me to get a breast reduction

26th Apr 2019


The choice to undergo plastic surgery should always be a personal one. While most of us will talk about the aesthetic issues that concern us with close friends or family members, ultimately it is the patient who should make the decision to undergo the recommended procedure. Moreover, I always tell my patients that if they need an honest advisor, this is most likely to be the plastic surgeon than a friend. The plastic surgeon makes recommendations according to his experience and after performing a medical examination and extensive measurements, which is more than any friend can do for you. Moreover, a talented board-certified plastic surgeon has an eye both for aesthetics and details so you will get an expert recommendation.

Sometimes friends and family give advice that they would want to get for themselves. For example, if you are considering a breast augmentation procedure and you ask two friends – one who naturally has big breasts and another one that has small or saggy breasts – chances are the one who already has big breasts will tell you not to bother to have the surgery while the one with small breasts will push you towards it.

When it comes to breast reduction, things are a bit more complicated. The procedure comes to correct an aesthetic imperfection–breasts that are too big for the patient’s anatomy–but also to give the patient increased mobility. Moreover, the procedure can be performed on patients as young as 16 years old, with the condition to have fully developed breasts. This means that it is not as uncommon as you might think for a plastic surgeon to hear from a patient, “my parents want me to get a breast reduction surgery.”

Sometimes parents want their daughter to follow the path of plastic surgery to get a breast reduction even from an early age because they believe it will give them an opportunity to pursue a career in sports or because they want to save them from being bullied or overly sexualized. The reasons are varied, and sometimes parents want what is best for their children, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they know better than the patient.

This is the reason why I always make it a priority to ensure that the patient knows exactly what to expect in terms of the results of breast reduction and also the long-term consequences associated with it. Moreover, to be able to undergo this procedure, the patient should have the emotional and mental abilities to make decisions for themselves, and this is another thing that the plastic surgeon should check for.

My recommendation is always to postpone getting plastic surgery, especially breast reduction, if you are not sure the surgery will be beneficial for you.


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