New Study Finds Breastfeeding May Not Cause Sagging After Breast Implants

New Study Finds Breastfeeding May Not Cause Sagging After Breast Implants

15th Nov 2013


Here at our Houston cosmetic surgery practise, we get a lot of questions about the effects of breastfeeding on breast implants. Pregnancy and breastfeeding following breast augmentation are widely known to cause sagging and alter the positive aesthetic benefits of the breast enhancement procedure. A new study whose results was recently presented at the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) annual meeting revealed that breastfeeding does not actually result to sagging breasts in women with breast implants.

Worry-Free Breastfeeding

“Women are free to breast-feed without the concern of affecting the appearance of their breast augmentation,” study author Norma Cruz, MD wrote in the report.

The study involved women who had breast implants, divided into 2 groups — those who breastfed and those who didn’t. Breast measurements were taken before pregnancy and a year following pregnancy or a year after completing breastfeeding. Cruz found out that there were no significant changes, particularly sagging in breasts, between the 2 groups of women.

“Although breast measurements and sagging did increase, this was because of changes related to pregnancy, not nursing,” Cruz further reported.

Busting the Myth of Implants Leaking Into Baby’s Milk

Implants leaking into baby’s milk is another common misconception amongst the general public. Here at our practice, we often educate women that they should not be worried at all about their implants leaking into breast milk as all implants now are manufactured to avoid sucks risks from happening, particularly the ones that are made of cohesive gel.

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